An Interview with Steve Mayeda

Veteran alumni speaker, 2x emcee of The 21 Convention, and host of 21 Radio, Steve Mayeda is the founder of The Sexual Life.

About Steve Mayeda

“I started training with gurus in the Pick Up community like Sinn and Captain Jack, I worked with Legends like Future and Shaft. It wasn’t long after I started working with this rich crowd that I started taking guys under my wing. I had a background in working with people throughout my past in more of a counseling capacity and I found out how gratifying it could be working with other men and teaching them these skills and taking them on a similar journey.

As soon as I started working with people, I realized that with my background and life experience I actually brought something completely different to the table. I was able to take the ideas, theories and structure of game and customize it to someone’s life. Before then game was determined upon actually building up a false façade of value to attract women. I was able to take guys who worked from a wide range of jobs that most people would assume to be unattractive and turn them into empowered men with the women that they wanted in their life.

Since then I have made it my journey to improve people’s lives through my teaching. I have surrounded myself with a group of fellow instructors that lend and offer the highest quality of service out there.”


  1. This episode was amazing. Video production work was stunning as always and Steve brings an almost yoda-like wisdom to the table. His insights into life and its lessons really make you think about how you live and the things you believe are important. I’ve learned so much about life just by hanging out with him. Kudos to him as well as Anthony and Michael in putting this together. Highly, highly recommended.

  2. what an amazing interview. he has such a nice approach to all this. I can totally relate to it. keep it up steve.. and all the others in creating something so valueable. thanks alot!

  3. I’ve found a lot of what some ‘guru’s come out with quite hard to swallow, hearing you refer to ‘scientific game’ as bs has really reassured me. I think Fuji talked about something similar, how the weird stuff is usually just weird and little else. I’ve probably butchered that quote, ah well…

    Thanks man, great interview

    P.S. I think you’d like ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran, it’s only about a hundred something pages but it’s one of the finest books on philosophy I’ve ever read.

  4. Western civilization “feminized”? I see North American culture as overly masculinized in a negative way. Meaning, it takes the most negative of masculine traits and normalizes them for the entire population, men, women and children.

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