What Are You Made Of?

You are what you eat & drink. Simon Whaytt explains the impact of food and drink on your diet, health, and wellness. Watch this speech and learn the details!

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what food is.
  • That there is no perfect diet.
  • How food and drinks impact your stomach health.

About the speaker:

Simon Whyatt — Founder and Director of Primal Fitness:

Simon has been working as a personal trainer in the fitness industry since 2003, during which time he has helped hundreds of people reach their goals, be it losing weight, fitting in that dress, looking great on the beach or winning that competition.

Through his extensive experience and dedicated research into exercise science, Simon has found out what works to get results — There will be no time wasting or guess work involved, every movement you make will be getting you closer to your fitness goals.

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