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Quote: “I’m not about making better men, I’m about men making themselves better men.”

-Rollo Tomassi

Rollo Tomassi, father, husband, citizen, godfather and one of the three ‘R’s in the manosphere, is a blogger at and author of three books in The Rational Male series.

He will be giving two presentations at The 21 Convention 2017, one on hypergamy, the other on positive masculinity.

 In this episode of The 21 Convention Podcast, Rolla Tomassi discusses the unfiltered, raw truth about human nature, hypergamy and inter-sexual dynamics.

You will learn:

  • What The Red Pill is and how it differs from PUA, MGTOW & MRA’s
  • How to apply Red Pill theory and Game to attract the women you desire
  • The best way to test for genuine desire when first meeting a women


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Show Notes:

  • What is The Red Pill and how does it differ from PUA, MGTOW & MRA’s. [1:25]
  • Equalsam, intersexual dynamics and the feminine primary social order. [9:50]
  • Why did Rollo decide to talk at The 21 Convention 2017? [12:29]
  • How to deal with blue pill idealism and conditioning. [17:26]
  • The hierarchies of love [20:05]
  • The dangers of purple pill dating coaches. [30:56]
  • The Red Pill Documentary. [40:48]
  • Feminism and the sisterhood. [45:43]
  • Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and female supremacy. [50:19]
  • The Red Pill Summit. [55:39]
  • Red Pill awareness vs. MGTOW, PUA’s & MRA’s. [1:01:48]
  • Killing the beta. [1:05:48]
  • Red pill parenting and fatherhood. [1:15:08]
  • RSD and Todd Valentine. [1:23:52]
  • r/K selection theory. [1:27:58]
  • The problem with blue pill idealistic goals. [1:31:30]
  • Mystery Method and applying red pill theory through game. [1:34:38]
  • Rollo on Ross Jeffries and the death of Andrew ‘The Private Man, Steve Jobs, and making a dent in the Universe. [1:36:55]
  • A woman’s imagination and female intuition. [1:45:20]
  • The best way to test for genuine desire when first meeting a women. [1:53:43]
  • When will The Rational Male: Preventative Medicine be available on Audible? [2:00:45]
  • When will The Rational Male: Positive Masculinity be available for sale? [2:09:47]
  • Psychopathy and borderline personality disorders. [2:11:29]
  • The future of masculinity. [2:12:26]
  • Transgenderism. [2: 20:18]


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