The Keys to Perfect Health: How to Optimize Body, Mind, and Lifespan

This is a talk on what it takes to be a man with perfect health. You’ll learn the practical strategies of diet and lifestyle so that you can get in great shape and build a body that functions optimally so you will have more energy and live a long time.

In this presentation you will also learn:

– The hobby all centenarians have in common.
– How neglecting your circadian rhythm can take decades off your life.
– 3 simple diet changes that will create a healthy gut.

Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. Author of Perfect Health Diet and a leading health and nutrition thinker, Paul came to the health field by a roundabout path. He started his career as an astrophysicist, became a software entrepreneur during the Internet boom, and then a strategic advisor to entrepreneurial companies.

But a chronic illness, and eight years of research, led Paul and his wife to develop the diet and lifestyle interventions of the Perfect Health Diet. Thousands of readers have since experienced improved health from the Perfect Health Diet prescription.

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