Special Live-Stream with Nick Sparks on 21 Radio

Ready to read Nick’s new book? This live stream will go over the fundamentals of Nick’s upcoming book along with a few extra gems that you don’t want to miss.

In this video, you will learn:

  • Nick Sparks’ reasons, motivations, and challenges with writing this book.
  • How to start conversation with strangers, how to get good at conversing, and how to bring in the sexual element.
  • How guys sabotage their own interactions and learn how to improve upon those areas.

Get access to the *exclusive* 21 University live stream Q and A with Nick Sparks + early access to his newest 21 Convention speech at http://www.the21convention.com/u/nick/

About the video:

Filmed in Austin Texas, this was a Google+ Hangout live-stream to The 21 Convention main YouTube channel. This is an enhanced edition of the raw stream.

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