The Most Underrated Way to Communicate With Women

This is a talk about the most underrated way to communicate with women: texting. You will see the bigger picture and the importance of texting when it comes to success and dating in today’s modern society.

From this video you will learn how to:

  • Increase your success on Tinder
  • Eradicate flakes from your life
  • Turn numbers into dates

About Robbie:

Robbie Kramer is the founder of Inner Confidence, Inc. and has over 8 years of experience guiding men to success in the pursuit of women, social/relationship skills, fashion, lifestyle design and achieving an unshakable sense of inner confidence.

As a woman once said, “Robbie brings dignity and ease to traditionally taboo interactions. No funny names, no pickup routines, no fake stories tricking women into liking you, just 100% real attraction, emotional connection and strengthening your inner confidence. This is the necessary evolution of so-called pickup arts into something more meaningful and organic.”

Robbie considers himself as his own biggest success story, starting off in his early twenties as a dorky, overweight, golf and poker geek, but was able to learn the skills and adopt the mindsets to become a the type of man he knew was always capable of being. Robbie delivers high impact and highly customizable trainings through his proven 6 Step Formula to transform men into confident, charismatic individuals. A man who feels in control of his life and able to attract and seduce the women he truly desires.

Robbie simplifies the process, saving clients time and money and the need to comb through a great deal of bad advice and gimmicks within the industry, and he leaves a positive and lasting impact on almost everyone he encounters.

Robbie Kramer is an alumni speaker of The 21 Convention and was the master of ceremonies at The 21 Convention 2012 London + Austin.

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