Male/Female Attraction: The Why of How

Speech summary:

“The goal of my lecture is help guys understand why certain masculine behaviors (as described by PUA guys) attract women from an evolutionary psychology point of view. The value for the participants is to gain a high-level conceptional framework for why PUA works.”

Speaker bio:

Andrew (AKA, The Private Man) is a blogger, writer, former journalist and educator. Since 2011, he has been writing about issues affecting men in his blog, The Private Man. He is also very active on Twitter under the name @man_private. The blog and Tweets specifically relate to attraction, dating, and relationship goals for men of all ages with a specialty for post-divorce men.

With a long history of life, Andrew has had many interesting jobs and relationship experiences that have given him a very deep insight into human behavior. To complement that experiential knowledge, he has spent many years reviewing the available research and the experiences of other men while participating in the Manosphere and other “Red Pill” areas on the Internet.

His blog can be found here: Andrew continues to receive emails and he tries to respond with clear, actionable information for the men (and sometimes women) who contact him. He’s recently been diagnosed and treated for an extremely rare form of eye cancer, ocular melanoma.


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