Health vs Performance + Auto-Regulation

Speaker: Keith Norris

General Manager at Efficient Exercise (Austin Texas), blogger and author at Theory to Practice, Keith Norris has been a “physical culturalist” for well over thirty years — the majority of those years occurring in tandem with demanding jobs completely outside of the fitness industry.

In this video, produced at The 21 Convention 2011 of Orlando Florida, Keith presents a speech fully titled “Health vs Performance, Auto-Regulation, and Establishing Your Base camp”.

In this speech Keith discusses the health/performance relationship , finding your base camp, and  maximizing your physical potential.

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  1. How does this tie in to that balance between anabolism and catabolism Doug McGuff talked about last year? Keith mentioned that if he just had 15 mins he’d do an HIT workout then if the next day he had like 2 hours he’d do a different type of workout. Did he mean the next day appropriate to train, for the HIT example commonly 7 days later or truly the day after the HIT workout? While arguably this can produce results wouldn’t it undermine health at a much earlier point then Keith explained?

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