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Bill DeSimone has spent several years applying biomechanics to weight training instruction, in order to minimize the risk of both crippling and cumulative injury. This talk provides an overview of his approach, with special emphasis on exercises involving the spine, including the barbell squat, kettlebell swing, and deadlift.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The connection between exercise and biomechanics
  • The truth about what makes a good exercise
  • Three simple tips to make working out easier on your joints

About Bill:

Bill DeSimone is an experienced personal trainer, having started in 1983 at the Sports Training Institute in New York City, and now with his own studio, Optimal Exercise, in Cranbury, NJ. Along the way, he was certified by both the NSCA and ACE, and helped set up seminars on High Intensity Training in the mid-1990s.

His own training-induced injuries led to his unique approach, applying textbook biomechanics to conventional free-weight and machine instruction. He has presented this material in a manual, Moment Arm Exercise; in a series of videos on You Tube; at conferences for the NSCA, Club Industry, and most recently, Indy HIT (Bo Railey, Exercise Inc, Indianapolis) and HIT Resurgence (Luke Carlson, Discover Strength, Minneapolis); and as in-services for studio and gym staff.

Bill’s personal interest started with the muscle magazines of the 1970s, which led to Mike Mentzer and the High Intensity approach. He describes his training as “HIT influenced, not pure HIT”, because of other resources and activities.

In addition to the personal training, staff training, and presentations, Bill consults with individual trainees worldwide. Via video, Bill reviews the trainee’s form on the equipment available to the trainee and provides an email or telephone consultation.

Bill is married to Linda for over 25 years, and they live in central New Jersey with their two children, Matt and Amanda.

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