An In Depth Interview with James Steele Ph.D.

In this interview you’ll get an inside look into the mind of James Steele. You’ll discover an approach to curing lower back pain from one of the world’s leading experts on the topic, as well as other breakthrough insights from the world of exercise research.

In this video, you will learn:

  • Effective treatments of lower back pain.
  • His thoughts on Dr. Doug McGuff M.D.
  • The truth about strength training and “cardio”

Publisher’s note: James Steele completed his Ph.D. shortly after this interview was filmed, and before the publication of this video.

About James Steele PhD:

James Steele is a Lecturer in Applied Sport Science in the Health, Exercise and Sport Science department at Southampton Solent University. His job involves furthering research in the areas of health, exercise and sport science in addition to teaching on physiology, biomechanics and research methods on the Universities Sport Science, Sport Coaching and Health and Fitness related courses.

James graduated with a first class BSc (Hons) in Applied Sport Science from Southampton Solent University in 2010 and has recently completed his PhD researching the effects of isolated lumbar extension resistance training for chronic low back pain and its symptoms. In addition to his academic qualification James has gained extensive applied experience working as a strength and conditioning provider with a wide range of elite athletic populations including; international Ironman triathlete’s, Paralympic wheelchair basketball and rugby, semi-professional muay thai fighters, University American football and professional soccer. In addition he has worked with non-athletic populations including the elderly, diseased, and a population that he continues to conduct research with; sufferers of chronic low back pain.

James has also authored several peer reviewed papers on resistance training, low back pain and the scientific method and continues to prepare research outputs with many more in the pipeline from his PhD research and post-doctoral research plans.

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