An Interview with Drew Baye

Drew Baye is easily one of the most knowledgeable exercise authorities on the planet, has extensive experience training clients one on one, and is the author of the world’s most popular high intensity training blog.

Drew has had the opportunity to meet and learn from the some of the most knowledgeable people in history regarding exercise, including Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones, Ellington Darden, Ken Hutchins, Jim Flanagan, Joe Mullen, John Little, Greg Anderson, Doug McGuff, Ryan Hall and others.

In this video, Drew speaks on,

  • What inspired him to become a trainer
  • What influenced his training methodology
  • The biggest mistakes and misconceptions about exercise and nutrition
  • Short term vs. long term thinking
  • Personal accountability
  • Freedom

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  1. Drew Baye has helped me with my progress in HIT, and is very generous with the information he gives. I’m just glad I knew about HIT sooner than later. I’ve lost over 3% bodyfat, and gained over 4.5 lbs of muscle in 11 weeks from doing HIT, and eating like the Primal Blueprint suggests. If you want to have a healthy, attractive body, I can’t recommend Drew Baye’s advice enough.


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