An Interview with Dj Fuji

Returning speaker to The 21 Convention, and star of the hit documentary series The Community TapesDJ Fuji is a social arts instructor and lifestyle coach dedicated to changing lives.

Not content to merely teach tactics and theory, DJ Fuji customizes his training for each student to give them the core fundamentals necessary to achieve consistent, real-world results in their personal and dating/relationship lives.

The former chief instructor for Mehow Inc, he’s helped thousands of students transform their lives and expand their options with women, find girlfriends, and even get married.


  1. wow fuji.. really amazing talk.. i really feel your explanation of attraction and how we should be striving to improve ourselves– so that the attraction is based on sincere virtues and qualities, rather than some phony persona a pick-up-artist is good at creating. It’s so true.. women pick up on body language so well, so if what you’re communicating about yourself isn’t congruent with how you really are, women will smell it a mile away. Only a guy who works on being phony everyday for months (years?) can begin to consistently ‘trick’ or manipulate girls.. but i mean, and this isn’t obvious to a lot of guys starting out, including my former self, why not just spend that time and energy -actually- improving and developing yourself? It’s the only thing that will keep things afloat for anything even moderately long term with a woman..

    And I’m definitely on board to work towards this male version of the feminist movement. We definitely need a name for it though.

    And Anthony; about the documentary format… it feels like you’re having an intimate, but casual conversation at a coffee shop or something; not just because the camera is up and close and you could hear chatter in the background, but because you can genuinely feel a certain comfort from Fuji in what he says and how he says it (like he’s talking directly and personally to me and what I’m going through, rather than giving generalized advice to a bunch of guys at a convention. It’s a slight distinction, but makes a nice touch). Awesome stuff dude.. looking forward now to the others.

    And I didn’t think the documentaries would be free.. you weren’t kidding about being committed to spreading good, quality content – all for free.



    1. Our video director/producer will be happy to hear that comment on the style of the interview as that was exactly what he was aiming for.

      As for the name of the movement… how about The 21 Convention Phenomenon? The 21 Convention Revolution? Or, the men’s success movement, but I obviously prefer the former two 😉

      “And I didn’t think the documentaries would be free.. you weren’t kidding about being committed to spreading good, quality content – all for free.”

      My word is my bond, and my word is that this convention is here to make a difference, and this documentary is part of how we’re doin it.

      Thanks for watching and taking the time to share your thoughts with everyone (I’m sure Fuji will appreciate them as much if not even more than myself).


  2. Great talk, such an inspiration and great content, I can’t wait for the rest of it.

    But now I’m off to read “The Game” for a 2nd time!

  3. I’m definitely a fan of the ‘community’ turning away from lines/technique and moving more towards actual self-improvement in every aspect of life.

    I hope this trend catches on.

    1. Around here its pretty much become the gospel. It far easier to just become a decent person with a meaningful life, than to trick women into thinking that you are.

    2. I totally agree. Honestly, I was completely weirded out by it until I heard about The 21 Convention.

      Now, “The Community” has much more meaning. If only Dream had a solid Website again! ( =


  4. Can’t see it. It says the video can’t be embedded on this site, and when you click on the video it says it’s private.

    1. Halffull, try cleaning out the video cache/temporary files on your browser, and if that doesn’t work then try switching browsers all together. Let me know which one of those works, or if neither work (we’ll figure this out).

  5. Thank you guys for all the cool words. Anthony and Michael did an absolutely stunning job on this and it shows. Everyone I’ve shown it to has been asking why it hasn’t been on television yet. (hint, hint, Anthony :))

    Look forward to seeing you all this summer in Orlando!

  6. Wow great talk and great footage. Telling it like it is. I was skeptical of DJ Fuji coming from a camp that never rubbed me as authentic, but it seems he’s the real deal. I’ve coached commercially and met many pro’s. The real pro dating coach is humble, yet commands respect. One part motivator, one part therapist. It’s a tough job it really is. Except for all the hot sex.

    Repeated failure will answer all your questions.

  7. I was sick of the community and all this crap. Then I found Anthony’s 21 convention which provides massive knowledge of different areas of your life for free (especially the nutriotion/workout information. Thank you. It is great information.

    When I saw the picture of the DJ Fuji documentary and him waring a necklace, I thought “not another one of these PUA instructors.” Now idea why I still clicked on the video but it turned out this is one of the best talks I have ever heard. It resembles so much sincerity totally descibes the same progression and feelings that I went through to become awesome. Unfortunately, along the line I became a lazy ass and took it for granted until everything crumbled. I have been a whiny bitch until just a few seconds ago when I did not wanted to accept to start all over again. But you reminded me of how all this is really possible. Danke.

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