Think Like a CEO – Date Like a Rockstar


Did you know that it’s easy to get 4x the results with women with less than half the work? Learn the secrets that CEOs and entrepreneurs are using every day to systematize their success to give them maximum results with minimum effort. This is a powerful never before seen integration of business expertise and dating know how.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • A scientific approach to getting better with women.
  • How to destroy your sticking points in less time.
  • A simple way to massively improve your results on Tinder.

Damien Diecke has been a prominent figure in the Australian personal development industry for over 5 years. He is extremely passionate about coaching and he consistently demonstrates this passion through the amount of energy he delivers to all of his clients. It is Damien’s mission to build the self esteem of both men and women around the world and enable them both to become comfortable and happy with themselves and to move towards their goals and dreams with passion and excitement.

Damien regularly runs corporate functions, directs sales trainings, teaches networking and presentation skills and performs many other corporate seminars, training and coaching. Damien is also a leader in the relationship industry and hosts regular seminars, writes well received articles and provides coaching for both men and women wanting to enhance their romantic lives. Damien
has also worked at a number of prominent private and public high schools teaching self­ esteem and self­ confidence to students.

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