Interview with Damien Diecke | The 21 Report

Damien Diecke explains the importance of evaluating variables in your sex life. He talks about how to make small adjustments and determine whether they help or hurt your success with women.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How many times you should test a variable before concluding that it helps or hurts with women.
  • How to deal with approach and sexual anxieties.
  • Understanding the difference between fear as excitement versus fear as anxiety.

The 21 Report is a series of short interviews with the speakers of The 21 Convention, hosted by Marilee Johnson.

Founded in 2010, The 21 Report has evolved into a highly useful, short-form interview series with stunning production quality and top-notch speakers.

Enjoy The 21 Report and stay tuned for more great reports in years to come.

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