Conversation Hacking: How To Instantly Upgrade Your Conversation Skills

About the speaker:

Here’s the brutal truth: no amount of high tech dating advice is going to transform you into person everyone remembers and nobody can resist.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked as a charisma coach with almost every major dating company in North America, Europe and Australia. I’ve learned that unless you’re already confident and truly happy being yourself you’re not going to get the long term results you deserve.

However, you don’t need to be born with charisma- you can learn to unlock it. Yet no one to date has developed the comprehensive step by step guide that will enable you break out of old patterns and truly transform your social skills at the deepest level -to the point where you’re the most influential person in the room.

This is where I come in.

I never used to be what most people would call the ‘coolest’ or the most ‘popular’ guy. I’m what you would call average in the looks department and I’m by no means rich. In every other respect, I was a completely normal guy.

But I didn’t want to be normal; I wanted what I had spent my whole life dreaming about. I wanted to be suave like Johnny Depp, charming like Hugh Grant, and smooth like George Clooney. I wanted to be a charismatic superstar.

With that goal in mind, I set out to learn everything there was to know about human psychology and understand the secret behind charisma. I wanted to know how you can use your social skills to connect with people on a deep level, so I studied with the most charismatic people I could find. I talked to psychologists, hypnotists, body language experts and anyone else I thought could help me.

In the end, over a decade of research paid off: I cracked the code behind the elusive power of charisma.

Although posters with my face don’t sell quite as well as the ones with Mr. Depp, I have dated some incredibly amazing girls, created many fantastic friendships and I’m using my social skills to live an exciting life that keeps my diary full of fun.

With a little work and understanding, even the most introverted and unpopular person in the world can do exactly what I did — and transform into a master of charisma. I’ll happily show you how to develop formidable conversation skills that’ll open hearts, win minds and bring a ton more opportunity into your life.

As an extra bonus, check out the link below to download my free ebook: ‘How To Talk To Anybody Without Fear Of Rejection: 21 Secrets To Conversational Mastery’, it compliments the techniques I share with The 21 Convention Attendees.

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