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About Marcus Oakey:

“I never used to be what most people would call the ‘coolest’ or the most ’popular’ guy. I’m what you would call average in the looks department (slightly goofy to be honest) and I’m by no means rich (~bah!).

Growing up, I only had a few close friends, even fewer girlfriends and only moderate success at work. A lot of nights I would be stuck at home alone. It’s not that I didn’t have anyone to go out with – more than anything I was scared to talk to people and socialise. Besides, I liked my own company.

But those few times when I did go out to try and meet new people, I would be nearly petrified and completely unable to talk to anybody, much less try and charm them.

In every other respect, I was a completely normal guy.

But I didn’t want to be normal; I wanted what I had spent my whole life dreaming about.

I wanted to be suave like Johnny Depp, charming like Hugh Grant, and smooth like George Clooney. I wanted to be a charismatic superstar.

With that goal in mind, I set out to learn everything there was to know about human psychology and charisma. I studied the most charismatic people I could find. I talked to psychologists, hypnotists, people who learnt behavioral mannerisms, body language experts and anyone else I thought could help me.

I spent years talking to everyone I saw and managed to make more mistakes and social gaffs then you can imagine. I tried every tactic, every affirmation, and every “secret” in my search for charisma.

In the end, this search paid off and I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed of. Though posters with my face don’t sell quite as well as the ones with Johnny Depp, I’ve learned and developed more than I thought possible.

Over the past five years I have dated some incredibly amazing girls, created many fantastic friendships that I will have for the rest of my life, and am constantly having to turn down invitations to awesome parties and activities because I am just too busy (and have a cellphone with a really dodgy battery – apologies if you tried calling…)

In addition, I have personally taught hundreds of people from all over the world the same methods that I used, to become charisma superstars. It has been such an honor and privilege to help introverts come out of their shells, and even people who already had a solid conversational foundation become even more charismatic.

Needless to say, these skills work just as well on the sales floor, in the office, or at the formal dinner – as they do in the bar, swimming pool or subway journey (where the real business gets done!)

I founded because, deep down, I believe that each and every person has what it takes to be charismatic. With enough work and understanding, even the most introverted and unpopular person in the world can do exactly what I did – and transform into a master of charisma.

I’m 100% committed to each of my clients’ success and I sincerely hope that you find the information I provide here on this site to be helpful on your journey.


Marcus Oakey”


    1. Marcus did not present an opinion. Hitler was very charismatic … that’s a big part of how he came to power.

      Whether or not people agree with this statement does not affect the fact that it is a true statement.

  1. This guy has some great insights. “Every situation is just a perspective, anything that happens to you from one angle could be rubbish from another angle could be the best thing ever. It is your perspective that determines everything and the way you get that perspective is trough habit”

    Thanks a lot Anthony, and not just for this but for everything. One question though, how do you make money if you post all these clips on the web? Maybe you could put like a (donate) tab so that I can atleast give you something in return, maybe others would like that too?

    You are too bloody awesome.


    1. Hey Gokhan

      Thanks for commenting! I have added a donation button on the sidebar at your request.

      As for the videos, when people watch them on Youtube, they generate advertising revenue. When people watch them here on the website though, there are no ads, so no ad revenue =(.

      Donations are much appreciated though!

      — Anthony/Dream

      PS – we are going to launch a store very soon with MP3 downloads and DVDs. Purchases like those also support The 21 Convention.

  2. this guy has a way of spinning perspectives, the example of the possibly errogant man speeding up behind the ambulance, screams truth and logic from a different person’s view.

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