How To Find A Mentor In Business

This is a talk on aligning yourself with people who do great work. You will learn to soak up the work ethic and character traits of leading entrepreneurs, and get hands-on, real-world experience that will set you on a career path you love.

In this presentation you will also learn:

  • How to ensure your success with anything in life.
  • The best way to maximize your success in business.
  • How to dramatically speed up your learning process

About the speaker :

Edward Druce dropped out of school at 17 to apprentice under Matthew Hussey. Since then he has assisted Matthew in growing what has become a world ­renowned organisation, Get The Guy.

Edward has managed live events for tens of thousands of people, produced videos that have been seen by millions, marketed an instant New York Times Bestselling book, and managed numerous highly successful product launches.

Alongside this work he now teaches people how to land a job working with people who inspire.

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