A Balanced Life : Managing Stress, Nutrition, & Exercise

About Simon Shawcross:

“As a High Intensity Training Master Personal Trainer, I am focused on providing you with four things- efficiency, effectiveness, safety and results. I began training clients in 1999 and have supervised over 10,000 workouts, bringing over a decade of experience to each personal training appointment. I am Co-Founder and CEO of HITuni, which provides education and certification in High Intensity Training.

I am also a nutrition coach who promotes real food, the foods your body has evolved to thrive on, that will optimize your body shape weight and size, your health and your fitness. My passion for nutrition has led me to co-authoring two books on diet, The ONE Diet and The ONE Diet: In a Nutshell.

I am a wellbeing coach and mentor who can help you to bring balance to your life and I have co-authored the book Stress Management for Professionals.

I am a public speaker who can inspire your company or group to perform optimally through wellbeing, stress management, nutrition and fitness presentations and seminars.

I am here for you when you are ready to make positive changes happen.”

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