World Premiere of the ARX Fit Omni

Keith Norris, physical culturalist, author, and general manager at Efficient Exercise (Austin Texas), gives the world premiere of the ARX Fit Omni Machine at The 21 Convention 2011 of Orlando, Florida, united States of America.

The ARX Fit Omni © is a revolutionary new home-exercise machine that employs motorized resistance across a wide range of movements, providing a perfectly (and uniquely)

matched strength curve across a complete — or limited — range of motion.

Called “the bowflex killer” by 21 Convention architect and founder Anthony Dream Johnson, the ARX Fit Omni © machine is making waves in the universe of proper exercise, strength training, and sport performance.

Supplying a level of effectiveness, efficiency, safety, and intensity found in no other machine in the world, the ARX Fit Omni may just be the machine to put the nail in the coffin of the outdated and ineffective BowFlex © home exercise machine.


  1. Wow, state of the art equipment presented in an antiquated, dry, ineffective, and inefficient manner. Keith Norris is not well suited to present this product. Tosses out semi scientific jargon with little depth or value to the audience. 25 minutes to express two extremely simple references to the type of work and in what range it is performed using this machine. When he gets on the machine he holds his breath a great deal.

    This is certainly a good maximum load tool in that it maximizes load throughout the physiological maximum load bearing range of individuals thus making it a very efficient tool for maximum load workouts. However, in context, the value of maximum load training is already of spurious value to anyone who’s life or livelihood doesn’t depend on absolute peak physiological performance. It is a percentage improvement on something with a percentage of value to the user. Sounds good in theory, but in practical regular use looks like it makes working out a dreadful experience with no direct motivational feedback. My friends and I compete with each other and know who is lifting the most; who has the best technique and bears the load fully in strict form; and who swings it. My prediction: There are a great many Bowflex products gathering dust in homes and garages. A higher percentage of 21C units purchased will be dust gatherers, although nowhere near as many will be sold. This kills the Bowflex only in one aspect and area of training. The Bowflex kills this in the vast majority of workout scenarios.

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