ARx Fit Omni Demonstration & Discussion

About Mark Alexander:

With a father who was an internist who believed strongly in strength ­training to promote health, Efficient Exercise founder Mark Alexander has literally been involved with fitness his entire life.

While studying sport management and then working in the athletics department at the University of Texas, Mark realized the value of strength ­training for populations that aren’t normally exposed to it. These entrepreneurial ambitions to expose high­ quality exercise to the general population led Mark to open Efficient Exercise at a small location in the Northwest Hills neighborhood in Austin, TX. His approach of using brief, high ­intensity strength training and customized workouts clicked with clients, and within several years EE had expanded to multiple studio locations in the Austin area.

In 2009, Mark began working with inventor Randy Rindfleisch to develop specific equipment that mutually fit with their ideas about training, thus began EE’s own brand of strength and resistance training machines, ARx.

Although Mark is still intimately involved with the day­ to ­day operations at EE, he spends most of his time training trainers, managing expansion into new markets, improving service and operational systems, and the international distribution and development of ARx equipment.

As EE grows it will always be Mark’s original philosophy of getting the best fitness results in the most efficient ways that continues to guide the company and the trainers who work here.


  1. Great presentation guys! Speed is not an issue with this machine! Momentum is not an issue! Sticking points are not an issue! Progressive weakening into a set is not an issue! Etc. Seems to me like this machine lets you focus on muscular contraction and that other stuff gets outta your way.

  2. Wow, this machine looks awesome! I use a lot of body weight exercise because I travel a lot, and had been thinking of buying one I can use at home when I’m home without having to go the gym, and this looks wonderful. I’ve just contacted a location where I can test it…

    Anyway, thank you, Anthony and the whole 21convention staff for putting all these awesome videos and experts in every aspect of life. I’m so amazed by the information presented here. I’m glad I came across this while watching Dr. Doug McGuff’s video on youtube. I ended up watching video after video. Lots of good stuff! Now I’ve purchased audio versions so I can listen them in the car while commuting.

    Now that I know about this site, I would love to attend a future 21convention live event. Hopefully, there’ll be one in 2014.

    Thank you, Anthony,and more power to you! God bless you for what you do! You’re touching many lives including me.

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