How to Take Command of Your Dating Life

In this presentation, you’ll learn the power of “there’s no reason why you’re not enough”, why arousal is more important than attraction, as well as a multitude of inner and outer techniques to pick-up, date and have relationships with the women of your dreams.

In this video, you will:

  • Learn how to expertly cold approach women.
  • Level up your inner game.
  • Create abundance in your life.

About Alex Social:

Alexander busts the myth that men need to demonstrate high value or defend against showing low value when interacting with women. He explains that all men are of value so they can stay lighthearted and easygoing when approaching and even getting intimate with women.

From Alex,

Hey, my name is Alex, I’m a Professional Social Consultant, Mentor, World Traveler and Blogger. I’m From Brisbane, Australia.

Since February 2007 I have been contracted as a consultant to worldwide organizations that connect professional Social Consultants with students eager to master their social skills. The work I do and the lifestyle I lead is unique.

Since 2007 I’ve traveled the world to practicing, observing and testing cold-approach pick up ideas, while teaching and demonstrating cold-approach pick up to men of all ages who’re learning to become naturally attractive to women.

Ultimately, what I’ve found is that the best way to become very good at picking up girls from cold-approach is personal growth and self development. When originally I’d thought that picking up girls would be best achieved using isolated variables like standalone tricks or tactics.

I continue to travel the world testing, observing, practicing and reporting my findings from our real-life cold approach pick up experiences, with gorgeous women, in all different kinds of social situations, including nightclubs, dive bars, city parks – or wherever beautiful girls can be found.

As a professional Social Consultant and mentor, my biggest responsibility is to publish every week, free of charge, my cold-approach findings within articles on

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