An Interview with Adam Lyons

Four time speaker of The 21 Convention and the “Bruce Lee of Game”, Adam Lyons was once voted ‘Least Likely to Ever Get a Girlfriend’ in school by his classmates. Age 15, Adam decided to try his best to improve his love life by working to become more attractive, and to understand the psychology of why we become attracted to others.

For 11 years he went by largely unsuccesful falling into a couple of relationships and spending most of the time completely perplexed by the opposite sex.

In the summer of 2006 one of his best friends handed him a copy of the book The Game by Neil Strauss with the words, “Read this book, you’ll take to it like a duck to water.” Since then Adam has become known as one of the worlds leading authorities on dating and attraction, has been consistently ranked the #1 pickup artist in the world, and is the CEO of the North American branch of PUA Training.

Adam Lyons lives and works out of Austin Texas with his lovely wife Amanda Lyons.


  1. Speaking of being comfortable with being seen out in the open, it is funny how Mr.M and Brad P are concealing their identity, afraid of being seen by people.

    To me it completely kills their reputation, it does not matter if they give good advice, it does not matter if they are amazing with women, I doubt they actually are. The fact that they are afraid of their face being seen tells they have no confidence and I would not take advice from someone like that.

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