A Lifetime Membership to The 21 Convention


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the price $50,000?

The lifetime ticket costs $50,000 USD.

If you apply before June 8th you are eligible for an introductory price of $25,000 USD. At this price, you’ll exceed your initial investment in three years or less if you attend all the conventions we have planned. After those three years, you’ll have a lifetime of conventions to attend, effectively for free from there on out.

The lifetime ticket also makes you immune to single-event ticket price increases for The 21 Convention. The lifetime ticket is a permanent, red-carpet, all-access pass to every single convention we ever hold – even if the event goes by a different name or theme!

The ticket represents up to $12,000 in value to the holder per year, hence the full price of $50,000, which we think is pretty reasonable given this yearly return on your purchase and investment in your self.

Will The 21 Convention be around forever?

Anthony Johnson founded The 21 Convention in July 2006 – the same month and year Twitter was launched. In a few weeks after the publishing of this video and page, the company will be 9 years old. Anthony plans on running The 21 Convention through the end of this decade, the next, and beyond.

But someday the sun will explode/die out, so maybe it won’t literally be around “forever”.

What perks do I get with my membership and how much value is that?

Each main event you attend will be the dollar equivalent of ~$4,000 USD.

Here is a short breakdown,

  • Your full event ticket – $1,500
  • A full ticket for your guest – $1,500
  • Full Heroes Dinner access for you + guest – $200
  • Full VIP speaker dinner access for you – $400+
  • Front row seating – $250+

We like to hold 3 events per year as seen in this trailer and executed in 2012, so this is $12,000 per year in value.

How can I expect my life to change?

Since this is a lifetime ticket, you’ll experience lifetime changes – changes that stick and last for years, and ideally, the rest of your life.

If you want help with dating, you’ll get it. If you want help – now or in the future – with your long term relationship or marriage, you’ll get it. If you want to get in peak physical shape and attain perfect health, you’ll get it. If you want to think more clearly and achieve long term happiness, you’ll get it.

The 21 Convention Lifetime Ticket and membership is the commitment to self-improvement that will cover every single aspect of your life and propel you to a quality of life that you can be truly proud of, now and for the rest of your life.

Does the lifetime membership come with anything else I should know about?

Yep. It comes with a golden pass to 21 University, the online video streaming service for men, as well as any and all future premium video services offered by The 21 Convention. Basically you never have to buy special access to our videos again. Any download or streaming service we offer is no charge to you as a lifetime member.

Is the lifetime ticket transferrable?

Yes, upon approval it can be transferred once every five years. We only ask that you notify us beforehand about the recipient so we can verify they are a good fit for The 21 Convention, similar to your application now. There is no additional charge for this.