[Photos] The Under 21 Convention 2016

The Under 21 Convention was first held in July of 2007, in Orlando Florida, and marked the beginning of 21 Convention live events. It was held again in July of 2008, before becoming The 21 Convention in 2009, an event now seen by over 15,000,000 people world-wide with over 100 alumni speakers, and 100,000 subscribed fans.

The Under 21 Convention has now officially returned from its long nap, having now been held successfully once again in Orlando Florida, June 25th-26th 2016.

The convention included…

  • 2 full event days
  • 11 speakers (9 returning, 2 new)
  • 14 feature presentations

For the first time ever the event also included a full speaker and attendee meet and greet mid-way through the event, hosted at alumni speaker Socrates’ personal house in Orlando Florida.

In addition, this was the first 21 Convention event to ever have continuous live streaming throughout the entire weekend. Click here to see a live clip of Nick Sparks streamed to our Facebook page!

Finally, for the first time ever, the subjects of style and sex were each given a dedicated presentation at a 21 Convention event. Surprisingly enough, neither of these topics had ever been directly addressed before this 2016 event.

Scroll down to see a small sample of pictures taken during the event. At the bottom you will find a link to the full photograph album on Facebook.

But before you do make a mental note to stay tuned for more announcements on our main event of 2016 that is yet to come, The 21 Convention 2016 of Miami Florida. This will be our first 4 day live event since 2011 and will be a landmark mega event with more speakers than ANY 21 Convention in our 12 event history.

The dates are October 20th-23rd 2016, Thursday-Sunday. BE THERE.

To see all of the photos visit the official Facebook album here.

Curious to learn more from our speakers? Here are their websites to visit.

And an extra special shout out to our new speakers to the 21C alumni family!


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