Saying Goodbye to Andrew The Private Man

I’m sad to report that April 3rd 2017, Andrew Hansen a.k.a The Private Man – an alumni speaker of The 21 Convention and well known blogger in the manosphere – died from complications with cancer. As indicated in his presentation at The 21 Convention 2016 of Miami Florida, this did not come as a surprise, although the end – or as Andrew jokingly referred to it, “a scheduling issue” – did come sooner than otherwise hoped.

The last time I saw Andrew was over a long afternoon conversation at his girlfriend’s home in South Florida, March 20th 2017. He appeared to be in good spirits given the situation. We discussed the viral success of his 21C talk, his appearance on FreedDomainRadio, women, red pill, the history of dating, and various other topics.

The last thing he ever said to me was “Make sure I live forever.” – a reference to his late in life videos produced at The 21 Convention.

Andrew had confirmed to speak at The 21 Convention 2017 Ten Year anniversary event to be held later this year in Florida. In January of 2017 it became obvious he wasn’t going to make it under any circumstances. I soon after decided to dedicate this year’s event to him, and asked his permission for doing so. He accepted.

At the event we will be dedicating time and attention to Andrew’s memory with speakers who knew him. I will have another announcement between now and then regarding Andrew.

In the meantime please enjoy Andrew’s contributions to The 21 Convention and 21 Studios.

We will have one more video to post of Andrew later this year, a highlights reel of his time on one of the Q and A speaker panels at The 21 Convention 2016.

And finally, some pictures of Andrew with Socrates and myself in early 2017.

Thanks for checking in. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to swing on over to Andrew’s blog, The Private Man, which will be maintained now after his death. Socrates also has some thoughts regarding Andrew that can be found here.

– Anthony Dream Johnson

CEO, 21 Studios

Founder, The 21 Convention

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