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about the 21 convention

The 21 Convention is the first and only “panorama event for life on earth”. It was founded in July of 2007 by a then 18 year old, Anthony Dream Johnson. It’s stated purpose is to surface, restore, and actualize the ideal in man — every willing man on earth.

In application it is a tri-continent gathering of the best and brightest men, of all ages, who seek to achieve their ideals — to achieve happiness, success, and life itself — against any and all challenges they may face.

With champion event architect Anthony Dream Johnson at the helm, what began as a conference to improve quality of life through dating, social skills, and a better understanding of women … has become an international phenomenon — largely thanks to premium video footage being released free to the world from every single event, filmed and streamed in stunning high definition audio and video.

Attracting some of the best speakers, knowledge, and intellectual exchange the world has to offer, the events and subsequent footage attract over 2 million viewers annually, and climbing.

The event is subtitled “a panorama event for life on earth as a man” because it’s focus is one that does, and always fundamentally has, aimed to encompass all cornerstones of life on earth, uniquely experienced as a man.

Deconstructed to their most basic form, Anthony Johnson identifies these aspects in what he calls “the four pillars of the ideal man”.

  • Exercise & Nutrition –> a man’s relationship with his body
  • Male/Female Relationships –> a man’s relationship to others
  • Self-Actualization –> a man’s relationship with himself
  • Individualism –> a man’s relationship to reality at large

Underpinned by a passionate committment to a continual process of making those highest potentials in every individual real through action — self-actualization — Anthony Dream Johnson has forged The 21 Convention to be man’s best tool, resource, and inspiration for such action and achievement in the 21st century.

By Anthony’s inflexible and unyielding demand for truth, The 21 Convention provides the best knowledge, and (in the live events) the most intense, marathon-like growth experience for men on earth.

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about anthony dream johnson

anthony johnson profile picCEO, founder, and architect of The 21 Convention, Anthony Dream Johnson is the leading force behind the world’s first and only “panorama event for life on earth”. He has been featured on WGN Chicago (1), and in the New York Times #1 best seller The Four Hour Work Week (2). His stated purpose for the work he does is “the actualization of the ideal man”, a purpose that has led him to found and host The 21 Convention across 3 continents over a 7 year time period.

A self-proclaimed “Floridian first, American second, and friend of liberty and reason above all”, Anthony was born August 25th 1988 in south west Florida and matured there until the age of 17.

Graduating from the IB program at Fort Myers High School in May of 2006, Anthony moved to Orlando Florida to attend the University of Central Florida, where he founded The 21 Convention a short 13 months later.

Anthony was an enrolled student at UCF (3) from June of 2006 until January of 2010. Studying for a degree in interdisciplinary studies, with a minor in entrepreneurship, Anthony promptly dropped out of college upon failing, for the second time in a row, “How to Start a Business” as part of his entrepreneurship minor.

As fate would have it, this same day marked the completion of filming for Drew Baye : The Documentary in Altamonte Springs Florida, with high intensity training expert Andrew Baye.

Shortly after dropping out of college, Anthony flew to Sweden to host The 21 Convention [Europe] for the first time ever, and therefore bring The 21 Convention to a multi-continent stage. The event was held in the capital of Stockholm from June 11th-13th 2010 and continues to be held around the world.

Since this time Anthony has taken on the operation of The 21 Convention as a full time career, working round the clock on what he has expressed as his “greatest achievement and highest expression of my own happiness”.

Anthony currently lives in south west Florida, but travels regularly for The 21 Convention. Time not spent on The 21 Convention is typically allocated to a voracious self-education habit, and to his second greatest career focus, his personal blog The Dream Lounge, where he blogs regularly about, and for, a rational existence, understanding, and exercise of life on earth.

Other blog topics include behind the scenes discussion and analysis of The 21 Convention, as well as his former best friend, Curtis Franklin Noll (d. August 1st 2008), to whom The 21 Convention (2008) was dedicated in loving memory, and profound reverence of.

Curtis provides to this day an unmatched, fountainhead level of inspiration and source of excellence to Anthony .

commonly asked questions

Why do you run The 21 Convention?

I run The 21 Convention because I believe very strongly in pursuing my own happiness, which I hold as my highest moral purpose on this earth. The 21 Convention is my highest expression of that happiness. In essence, I run The 21 Convention for the same reason I wake up every day: because it makes me happy.

While I acknowledge the fact that The 21 Convention helps lots of people — and I am glad that it does — it’s not why I run The 21 Convention, to any degree whatsoever. In general, I do not care about helping people, with The 21 Convention, or otherwise.

I do this because I love it.

Why was The 21 Convention once called “The Under 21 Convention”?

The original name was indeed “The Under 21 Convention”. That name was formed because I started organizing the first event when I was 17, and because the first two events were focused on young men under or around the age of 21.

The name was changed in early 2009 to “The 21 Convention” to retain the original brand yet permit the conference room to grow, and encompass a wider range of topics and ideas.

Are you a Republican or Democrat?

Philosophically neither. I am what’s called a “declarationist”, and subscribe to the politico-legal philosophy of declarationism; an unofficial legal extension of laissez faire capitalism (in the Ayn Rand sense) that correctly identifies the Declaration of Independence by the thirteen united States, as the supreme, permanent foundation for all law in the united States of America.

Declarationism explicitly asserts that individual, unalienable rights are not only guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence and all governments succeeding from it, but also  that such rights are: absolute, supreme, and by direct consequence of being unalienable, completely undelegateable (legally or otherwise).

What’s with the “Dream” pen name?

My middle name is actually Paul, not Dream ;). Dream was a nick name I took early on posting in the men’s community. I kept it because I like it, it sets me apart, and because I believe it represents me very well.

I mean that in the sense that I dream often, dream big, hold nothing back, and never compromise on my dreams (my ideals). I suspect this had something to do with choosing the name in the first place (it’s basic appeal to me at a young age).

How old are you?


What kind of art do you like?

Above all, heroes fighting for their ideals.

Mac or PC?

Lover of Apple. I use Windows 7 as well however.

What are your top values?

  • Life
  • Liberty
  • Reason
  • Purpose
  • Self-esteem

Do you laugh hard?


Are you married?


Eating philosophy?

I eat pretty “paleo”, which is best summed up here.

Exercise philosophy?

I train

  • briefly
  • intensely
  • infrequently
  • safely

I am convinced “paleo exercise” does not and cannot exist.

My ideas about exercise beyond this are best summed up here.

Do you play any video games?

A few. I generally like RTS games, classic survival-horror, and Zelda. Outside of that it’s hit and miss. Rarely interested in first person shooters.

Oh, and I love Mario RPGs, especially the original.

Where can I learn more about you?