Strength Training & The Biomarkers of Aging

Thinking about your future health is essential. The activity, or inactivity, you do today can impact you 20 years from now. Skyler Tanner shows how long term strength training can promote the longevity of your internal and external health over a lifetime.

In this video, you will learn:

  • Why you should strength train.
  • How strength training effects body systems.
  • How to leverage diet to create biological immortality.

About Skyler

Skyler Tanner, the youngest Superslow™ certified instructor in history, has been a personal trainer for over a decade.

Currently a general manager at Efficient Exercise (Austin Texas), Skyler is working toward a graduate degree in Exercise Science with the intent of obtaining a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Having effectively experimented with a wide range of training modalities, Skyler is a strong proponent of safe, effective, efficient, and intense exercise.


  1. I enjoyed this video a great deal, however seeing some of the charts/graphs was extremely difficult, and in some cases impossible due to the lighting. In the future consider using video editing software to show the graphics directly in place of the live video, or simply correct the lighting so that it can be seen in the live video more easily.

  2. Dear Skyler I enjoy your above presentation and your interpretation on published data.

    In my 20-40 years was training in Olympic lifting.

    In my 40-70 was basic strength training.

    I am now training using the Doug McGuff principle/method

    Can please send me the reference you referred to in your presentation?

    Tass Allis

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