Social Freedom : Embracing Your Warrior

Everyone has felt awkward in social settings, but these moments can shape your social life. Liam Mcrae is ready to share how you can break through your self-development and tap into your inner warrior.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What social freedom is.
  • How to elevate your life energy.
  • How self-judgment creates insecurities.

About the speaker Liam Mcrae:

Head of the Australia branch The Natural Lifestyles, executive seduction and lifestyle coach. When he is not seducing sexy ladies or helping guys create the relationships and lifestyle they want, Liam writes music for films and TV Shows and also plays in a few rock and metal bands.

His philosophy is based on the idea that guys already have what it takes to seduce and date women but that they just don’t know it yet, and it is Liam’s job to help them discover that. He has been coaching with The Natural Lifestyles for over two years and as also runs Night of Mayhem, a workshop focusing on rapid escalation and social freedom.

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