Multiple Relationship Dynamics

About James Marshall:

Before founding the Natural Lifestyles, James had a very colourful career in an amazing variety of areas. His different vocations and passions have given him a unique set of skills directly applicable to seduction and modern romance. From touring the country in his band (playing everything from huge festivals to a private performance for the Rebel Motorcycle gang), running his own successful massage business, to studying martial arts at Shaolin temple and representing Australia in Kung Fu; James has always pushed himself to explore his ultimate potential in whatever he pursues.

Women are naturally attracted to men who follow their dreams, so along the way he has developed great proficiency with them. Applying the discipline and intensity of a martial artist, the sensitivity of a masseur and the artistic passion of a musician to this pursuit; he has dated many incredible women and learned a great deal by observing and listening to them.

As a coach James is an astute listener and is able to read between the lines to get straight to the heart of his clients issues. He has an deep knowledge of body language and conversational patterns, which allow him to transfer immediately useful practical advice to his clients. His style infield is relaxed and charming and he is particularly good at helping clients get into deep rapport with the women they meet and setting them up on the path to successful relationships.

James brings a wealth of life experience, innovation, empathy and humour to the Natural and is committed to seeing other men making the absolute most of their time on this planet.

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  1. It is a topic that not many touch base with in good level of detail at all. Was a great talk thanks James and Anthony. In my personal experience, inrespective of how good you are in the elements that you talked about, time comes for a girl not to take it anymore and leave, ie there is a shelf life for it.. My question to James is what is a realistic expectation from your experience for how long it takes each girl within your 4-5 girls to drop out? 1m, 3m, 6m, 1yr? Thanks.. Ches

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