Marrying Medusa: How to Survive a Female Psychopath

CEO of 21 Studios, founder of 21 University and The 21 Convention, Anthony Dream Johnson delivers a detailed account of his 4.5 year relationship and marriage to an adult female psychopath, Marilee Johnson, former host of The 21 Report.

This is a vital presentation and survival guide every young man entering the sexual marketplace today needs to hear.

In this speech you will learn:

  • How to defend against and survive a female psychopath
  • A powerful way to protect your emotional health and mind from psychopaths
  • What the REAL sexual marketplace looks like, and where true predators lurk
  • How spotting standard levels of “crazy” can work against you, and what to do instead

Anthony Johnson tested STI free.


This presentation was created and given with the highest respect and regard for truth, morality, justice, individual rights, and the law.

This presentation is protected by the 1st amendment to the federal constitution of the United States, as well as article 1 section 4 of the Florida constitution.

All statements made therein are factual and truthful to the best knowledge of Anthony Johnson and can be supported with evidence where appropriate.

It was created and published with good motives and noble intent for the moral-cultural landscape and basic public health.

Marilee’s long practiced criminal exchange of sex for money and complete lack of transparency on this activity – and similar promiscuous behavior that put all of her sexual partners at risk of life threatening STIs – represents a dangerous health hazard for any heterosexual man she may come into contact with.

Marilee Ellis Johnson is a limited purpose public figure, with over 150,000 viewers on her former YouTube show, The 21 Report. Hundreds of thousands more web visitors have seen her images across various other web properties, and continue to show on-going interest in her former work.

Her work on The 21 Report is highly relevant to this presentation and crosses many of the same intellectual bridges including but not limited to dating, relationships, sex, morality, health, and philosophy.

All content in this video is either used with permission by Anthony Johnson or The 21 Convention LLC, or is protected by the fair use doctrine of the United States of America for the purposes of education.

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