Liam McRae on 21 Radio with Steve Mayeda

In this podcast, Liam McRae and Steve Mayeda share their hard won insights into social freedom, social anxiety and rapid escalation so that you will be the ideal man internally and externally.

In this podcast you will also learn:

  • How to rapidly escalate on girls even during the daytime.
  • How to balance fun with discipline.
  • How not getting what you want can be the best thing for your growth as a man.

About Liam:

When he is not seducing sexy ladies or helping guys create the relationships and lifestyle they want, Liam writes music for films and TV Shows and also plays in a few rock and metal bands.

His philosophy is based on the idea that guys already have what it takes to seduce and date women but that they just don’t know it yet, and It is Liam’s job to help them discover that.

He has been coaching with The Natural Lifestyles for the last two years and as also run Night of Mayhem, a workshop focusing on rapid escalation and social freedom.

Visit Liam:

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