Interview with Drew Baye | Tampa Florida | The 21 Report

In this brief interview, Drew Baye discusses how exercise indirectly creates physical improvements by stimulating the body to adapt to and recover from the challenging work out. He goes on to explain the relative importance of exercise and nutrition.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to reduce the risk of injury during resistance training.
  • Why a healthy diet could be more important than exercise for your overall body composition.
  • The common mistakes people make when trying to build mass or get lean.

The 21 Report is a series of short interviews with the speakers of The 21 Convention, hosted by Marilee Johnson.

Founded in 2010, The 21 Report has evolved into a highly useful, short-form interview series with stunning production quality and top-notch speakers.

Enjoy The 21 Report and stay tuned for more great reports in years to come.

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