The Core Fundamentals of Game

This is a talk on how to ACTUALLY get good with women. You will learn the most important part of becoming the man you were born to be.

In this presentation, you will also learn:

  • Why fundamentals trump method EVERY TIME.
  • How 10 words and 3 seconds can make or break your set.
  • How to dramatically reduce your number of flakes.

DJ Fuji is a social arts instructor and lifestyle coach dedicated to changing lives.

Not content to merely teach tactics and theory, DJ Fuji customizes his training for each student to give them the core fundamentals necessary to achieve consistent, real-world results in their personal and dating/relationship lives.

The former chief instructor for Mehow Inc, he’s helped thousands of students transform their lives and expand their options with women, find girlfriends, and even get married.

In this video, DJ Fuji speaks on:

  • Why Fundamentals Trump Methods
  • What You Need to Know About Workshops
  • The Importance of 10 Seconds and 3 Words
  • Completely Eliminating Flakey Numbers
  • How to Guarantee Success In Pickup

You Can Learn More About DJ Fuji at

View the power point slides here.


  1. Hey guys

    At the moment some videos (like this one) are only playing in HD. It should be fixed soon (and play in standard definition), but in the meantime just pause it and let it load in HD, and then you can watch it later without interruption.



    1. i’d really like to watch this but on HD it gets only to 4:53 minutes and stop and HD off only to 0:55 minutes.

      1. Are you saying it stops loading all together or your internet just slows down too much and you get lags in the loading speed? Let me know. In any case, can you watch any other videos? Or is it just this one?

        By the way, this will be available on DVD come Tuesday.

        1. it simply stops, this also goes for that video of Dj fuji [volume 1] stuck at about 5 min mark and wont load any further then that.

          1. Try using a different browser and see if that solves the problem, as well as viewing a few other 2009 event videos. If they all give you problems, I will put in a help request directly to Vimeo and they can help you further from there.

            1. Same thing again, diffrent browser (used firefox and now tried explorer) pretty odd sometimes it stops at diffrent points of time sometimes it shows you false full load of the video and just get stuck at some point.

              Thanks for the help men.

  2. Hey man, I really like what you have to say, but I find you appearance kinda annoying. If I didn’t know who you were and saw you in the street, I’d automatically dismiss you as a douche, because of the ridiculous OTT hairstyle.

    Plus it’s really disturbing because I keep staring at it and thinking WTFFF!. So I had to scroll down so I don’t have to look at your hair and listhen to your advice.

  3. Wow, I really needed to hear this speech at this precise moment! I’ve been dating this girl for over a month and I told her I liked her a lot, which made me uncomfortable for some reason this entire day. But now I know it was probably not such a bad thing considering I’ve never made a point of saying it before.

    Aside from that specific example, I also needed to hear that working on yourself is a never-ending journey and something I’m about to face big time when I graduate college this semester. I need to get my goals and priorities settled pronto. I already feel better as I’m thinking of them.

    I really hope I get to hear you in person if you make it to T21C 2010!

  4. Dude your hair is a JOKE. I mean you’re talking about fundamentals and being a “natural”, yet I don’t see a lot of naturals looking like roosters. That just screams, “Look at me! I’m insecure and need attention!” It’s hard to pay attention when I’m feeling sorry for the guy talking. Maybe you should worry less about your appearance and work more on your game, especially since you are teaching guys what to do. I mean imagine if all your students looked that silly.

    1. he is trying to help people, by commenting on his style you are helping no one. He for 1 never said he was a natural, he said many times he was a synthetic. Also hey look at me isnt a terrible idea. Its called peacocking, makes you look interesting so people want to talk to you, and it shows that you are an interesting person. He is also short, by having a mohawk it gives him added height, along with the shoes. There is no good that comes from you giving unconstructive criticism.

  5. @Kevin

    “I don’t see a lot of naturals looking like roosters.”

    “Naturals” tend to dress however they want- from my experience.

    Furthermore, it sounds to me like Fuji just doesn’t fit your specific image of a “natural”. I’ve been out many years, and hundreds of nights- I have seen quite an array of dudes picking up chicks, and they are all different looking. Not that he’s a “natural”, but shit look at Mystery for example.

    Beyond that, please do your best not to be abrasive when commenting about a speech (ie- have some respect).

    It takes a lot of balls to get up on stage and speak like Fuji did (and as good as he did)- and I for one would never write a comment like yours after being up there myself in front of an entire room of people, knowing that thousands will be watching and critiquing my every move online.


  6. Hey Fuji.

    Loved the speech bro.

    One of my sticking points is flakey numbers. In summary you say “Talk about something thats going on in your life, get her interested, then invite her.”

    The problem is, I focus all my time on sarging and studying at university.

    So would a one on one set up be ok, rather then “Me and my friends are going to X”

    So, would this set up be ok?

    “OH MY GOD. I went to this little shop yesterday, and they sell the best pancakes EVER. I dont even like them, but it totally converted me.”


    “Im going tomorrow, you should come?”

    Is this a lame set up?

    I could change it slightly

    “Whens the last time you had a good pancake? I found out the BEST place ever, it melts in your mouth.”


    “Ill take you tomorrow, whats the best way to get a hold of you?”



    He pushed himself outside his comfort zone, and I don’t see anything wrong with it… and I believe it’s helping him infield a lot!

  8. Are you kidding me with the alfit? and the hair? The only types of girls this guy is picking up are the hoes and sluts or another rooster….which requires basic skill that any NORMAL guy would have. Someone please come up with something original…peackocking doesn’t work for intelligent, hard working women. Women want MEN, not FAKES

  9. Hahaha welcome, Rev31 viewers, I see you are showing the love as only you gentlemen can.

    Thanks for the comments, guys. If you guys have any questions (preferably not related to my hair :), post ’em here or on my blog comments and i’ll try to answer them. TheTiger, i replied to your question privately.

  10. The BKRS show was hilarious but I think the hair is pretty cool; looks like a cartoon or video game character. Will check this vid out soon; I like mehow’s stuff and now I’m curious about “Dr.” Fuji.

  11. man this was an amazing speech. No sales pitch no bullshit, no community dogma just straight up stuff you can take out with you the same night you listen. Thanks djfuji!

  12. Atomic, you trying so hard to tell us that Fuji sucks? Would you feel better if we all agree with you? If you don’t like DJ Fuji, then what the hell are you doing here, commenting on his video? Leave your ego man… I can’t believe that peaople are talking about his hair, and not about the content of the speech.

    And I’m not AMOGing you or something, I really mean it… and you’ve already choded yourself out by hating.

    Dude I can’t even believe I’m replyubg to that stupid post…

    Thanks Fuji!

  13. Hey dream, thanks for all the videos, they’re awesome but is there any chance you could write down what each video contains information on? Personally i’m only interested in day game so most of the night game stuff isnt useful for me. Would help if i could see what each video was about before clicking it =D

    Other than that, awesome convention and awesome website, good stuff.

    1. Hey John

      Thanks for the kind words, and the suggestion. I will work on implementing it over the next few weeks (I think a lot of people would appreciate it actually).

      Hope to see ya next summer


  14. Hey guys,

    wasn’t gonna comment on this video… but I read the above several comments (about his hair)… and I wanted to chime in

    Truthfully I watched this video LAST… because I thought I wasn’t going to dig the advice. I saw the mohawk and thought a version of “his style just won’t mesh well with what I’m looking for” .. which is more natural type of game.

    And so I hit the ‘play’ button thinking I’d just go do something else in 2 minutes. In the first minute of his speech I totally forgot about the hair. It didn’t matter. His advice was absolutely on point. I ended up watching 45 minutes, and would have watched the entire thing if it wasn’t already 4am.

    Not all the concepts were new, sure, but the way he explained really put new perspective on thins. And you can tell he really wants to see you succeed.

    And I bet in the same way that I couldn’t care less what his hair looks like.. neither do the girls he talks to. After a few minutes they couldn’t care less whether his hair is purple, pink, 8 inch mohawk, or if he has no hair at all. It couldn’t matter less.. They dig his vibe.

    And to the guys commenting on his hair.. try to drop the judgemental stuff. It’s hurting your game. In the same way you convey it thru words, you convey it when you walk up to girls. And they can just “feel” this bad energy from you… and it’s not sexy. Noone wants to feel judged, and the girls are going out to have fun and escape from their work life, home life,etc… last thing they want to do is chat with a guy who’s got this negative energy.

    I really hope you guys don’t take this personally…

    At Dj Fuji – Awesome speech man. Got a lot of value from it.

  15. um his hair should have nothing to do with anything full stop. And its kinda funny because this is why alot of guys never get good, because they never see the full picture and always have some smart ass comment to say about the little things they don’t agree with and that translates into their life as a whole.

    You can learn from anyone no matter what stage they are at, it doesn’t matter if they are a beginner or advanced, has a mohawk or doesn’t or is a comminity troll that sits online commenting on all the forums and gets his validation from insulting guys who are trying to help to fill the void of not getting laid.

    I doubt I’ll be commenting again because I’d rather watch the videos and try to learn something and get real results than an internet ego fix while I mentally suck of my favourite “guru” hero and Insult speakers. Knowing all the theory and all the little terms does not make you good remember!

    Thanks for the site and all the guys who put themselves up there, I really appreciate it!

    1. Hey Ash

      In all seriousness, comments like these are what motivates speakers to do what they do- myself included.

      Always feel free to leave a comment, we all appreciate the feedback, big or small.


      1. sound and solid advice, I have just gotten into the community but I believe I contain more than basic social skills. Thank you for your post of your video, very imformational.

  16. It is a fair call though, right?

    Why do a lot of these PUAs look so outrageous? They wear items and accessories that literally scream look at me. I mean, we all know why they are wearing it – to get attention, to stand out, to show how ‘alpha’ they are by being so unreactive to others opinions etc. So basically – only to impress women.

    I just got done stumbling through to “Ratisse PUA’s” facebook. Adam Lyons was the same. Some other dude with Ratisse was the same. This guy DJ Fuji is the same. They ALL look outrageous to some degree, some more then others. What’s the deal guys? Really. Can’t you be yourself and still get women? Why do you have to live up to this silly PUA image? Only exception for looking like this is if you were a punk rocker long before you ever got into the PUA deal. Otherwise you’re a bit of a joker…. entire personality fabricated and based solely upon the opinion of others.

    Really – the only normal looking guy I’ve seen from the whole PUA scene in the last 20 minutes is the guy who runs this site. Dream.

    My main point is – if you can’t attract women with your (normal) looks, charm and/or personality and have to resort to outlandish tactics, then I think you have no place teaching other men how to get women. Simple as that.

    Anyway guys thats my as-much-as-possible objective criticism.


    1. Oh, and one more comment.

      I noticed on the testimonial videos that a lot of the ‘students’ come across as super geeks. Don’t take it too personal either – when I say geek, I just mean really shy and introverted, even around other guys.

      Is that the general audience here? If it is, you just need some confidence – go do something in your life that you like and get good at it…. even if it is something like computer programming, absolutely nail that shit, own it and be the best motherfuckin’ computer programmer in the world. You’ll naturally learn not to take shit and you won’t need a colorful mohawk, 100 wristwatches and 10 bandanas to prove it.

      1. i wouldnt say dj fuji is as out there as others, the mohawk is cool, and i fucken love the look of it. To me it comes off as him, its his personality. And he is being himself and picking up girls.

        if you listened to his talk, to get good you have to grow yourself as a person. But from what i gather your saying not to change not to try new things and just stick to what you know and be the best at that and nothing else because if you change who you are its a cop out.

        and back to the hair thing, if you have killer hair girls in bars notice that and double take, it intrigues them. They can also relate to you if you have awesome hair cause they know how much time and effort goes into that and presenting yourself.

        1. Hey dude,

          I’ll tell you now… I _haven’t_ listened to the speech… mainly because I don’t have the time.

          I highly doubt he is “being himself” and picking up girls… looks to me like he is relying a lot on gimmicks if he still has to stand out this much. But that is all up for debate. I don’t know the guy, neither do you.

          And I never said not to try new things. Try whatever you want. But I am definitely saying that if you are unconfident, then building skills in an area that you like and are good at will bring confidence – even if it something traditionally viewed upon as “nerdy” such as computer programming. Own that shit and be proud of it. Don’t hide it.

          Dude, if you need killer hair to get a girls attention in a club then you’re a step behind. Just going up to the girls confidently and talking to them straight without the bullshit achieves the same results if not better. And I will stand firm behind that.


          1. ok so you haven’t watched it yet your commenting on this site……. O.K, just watch it and forget about the hair.

            how is having killer hair a step behind?

            When people come up to me and say my hair is awesome (and i dont have a 8 inch mo-hawk by the way) and say shit like “dude you have awesome hair”, it makes me feel good and in a way confidant that i’m seen as physically attractive to others.

            When girls come up to me and say “you have really SEXY hair”…wait a minute sometimes they just say “Your sexy” and leave the hair out of it, is it my hair (gimmick) thats attracting them or is it that they notice something about me , someone that comfortable with the way they look?

            plus if they want they can play with it…personally i dont see anything wrong with that… but i think your trying to tell me to not style my hair then i have a question, i know some guys who are Djs and they go and pickup girls with the ususal;

            “i’m a dj….i can get you on the list…blah blah blah….i’m a dj”

            while that pisses me off, each to his own right. good on them

            you refer to gimmicks but i could have the perception that you walking up to a girl and straight talking with no bullshit is a gimmick itself, depends what angle you look at it.

      2. “you just need some confidence – go do something in your life that you like and get good at it…. ”

        Really? That’s the worst fucking advice I ever saw.

        Yeah just be confident man! Only if it was that easy. Giving this kind of advice to a new guy is like giving an advice to someone who’s never played basketball – “Just throw the ball man. It’s easy”

        While I might not like Fiju’s hair – you, sir clearly have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

  17. Spill the beans bro. What is your hairstyle anyway? 😉

    Look – my point is, any “angle” that you come up with where you are trying to impress anyone (in this case, girls) is lame. All I see when I look at the picture is a guy completely and totally out there trying to impress people with his image.

    And yes, a DJ who picks up girls like that is lame too. I know a manager of a popular and upscale club who uses shit like that all the time. Guess what? He doesn’t fuck any of the girls. He just looks like he does. So maybe the DJ who does that has the same appearance of a ladies man but he really doesn’t get any….

    Besides, the girls who go for that shit? He can have them.

    Look dude, part of the point is – you can look like a regular guy and still have the same compliments you talked about. I’ve had various hairstyles. My hair right now is ratty as fuck. I used to have a shaved head. I’ve had a faux mohawk (you know the little gay one) and just normal shaved on the sides style. Same shit. No difference. It’s all in your attitude. In fact, I actually feel better about myself when I chat up a girl when I think I look like shit as opposed to looking my best. There’s something about that where you get extra swag or something.

    Maybe Fuji is a nice guy, but there is no denying the guy looks ridiculous. Only exception is if he was a punk rocker before he got into the PUA community – but you know he wasn’t…… he was most likely a computer nerd or something.

    1. One of the main points of peacocking is to give girls an easy way of opening you. Girls are as scared of getting rejected as guys are, so they feel more comfortable opening you if you give them an easy, indirect way of doing so (i.e. “I love your mohawk!”).

      Also, how will being a good programmer make you a socially calibrated person? Confidence does not equal ladies man.

      Quit being close-minded. Quit repeating this “just be yourself” bullshit. I am somewhat of a natural and I do not tell my AFC friends to just be themselves. I tell them to be their best selves (a common concept in the community).

  18. I think it’s hilarious that a bunch of *guys* presumably interested in picking up girls are ignoring the awesome talk on pick-up and talking about another dude’s hair.

    “Can’t you be yourself and still get women?”

    “…the only normal looking guy *I’ve* seen…”

    Sounds to me like most of you want DJ Fuji to NOT be himself and rather fit into whatever it is that *you* define as normal. But, don’t worry, you’re in good company with most of conventional society.

    Just realize that succeeding beyond the ordinary, which is the very nature of pick-up, means being unconventional.

    If your mind closes at a mohawk, well shit, good luck to you.


    1. LOL @ Nicky. You made everyone arguging on this comment thread look really really gay. I guess talking about another dude’s hair really is more important than learning to meet women. 😛

  19. Fuji- now there’s a guy that people notice. and… you’ll “notice” he has more comments on his video than anyone else. You know what, I bet he isnt the type of guy that stands in front of the mirror wondering if he looks cool before he goes out. And most of all, he probably could give a shit about what fashion advice you loathing inferior peon’s could give him.

    Eleanor Roosevelt once said “great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” And you know what? She was right.

  20. Now this is good.

    Nightmare – “You know what, I bet he isnt the type of guy that stands in front of the mirror wondering if he looks cool before he goes out.”

    Actually – I think that is EXACTLY what he does. LOL.

    Nicky – Getting with girls is nothing extraordinary… where did you get that idea from?!?

    Likewise, where do you judge success? Amount of women you sleep with? Flattering attention from women? Quality of women you sleep with? Finding a suitable partner for a profound monogamous relationship?

    Maybe the way you look at the process is why you are having struggles and listening to speeches like this in the first place….

    Ugh, but I’m not here to be a teacher or anything. You are right on one aspect, and that it is fruitless (for me) to focus on this DJ Fuji character. Truth is, he has no bearing on my life and I have none on his. I do think you should chin check yourself though bro.

    “Just realize that succeeding beyond the ordinary, which is the very nature of pick-up, means being unconventional.”

    If you believe what you’ve written here then you’d do well to take a step back from all this community teaching. Like I said, there’s nothing extraordinary about being with a girl (in terms of “picking up” a girl, not in spending time with her and/or making a connection) and this is something that will hurt you in the long run, if it isn’t already…

    Love and heartz’n’all that jazz mayng, for real.

    1. “Just realize that succeeding beyond the ordinary, which is the very nature of pick-up, means being unconventional.”

      Here’s why he’s right:

      Because the vast, overwhelming majority of the community (90%+) isn’t getting success. They AREN’T consistently meeting women and going on day2s. They aren’t getting lays. Most guys drop out after only a few months.

      It’s lonely at the top. Most guys will never get good at this. The average guy will always exist in mediocrity at best.

      So if you want to be in that top 5% that actually gets results, by definition you must do what other people are NOT doing. You must do what other people CANNOT do. You must do what other people WILL not do.

      Otherwise you will remain average. And “Average” in this community means failure.

  21. “JoeyDontDoIt” must get laid like a rockstar…

    he can also tell what people is all about just by looking at their hair

    he is my hero!!!

  22. “JoeyDontDoIt” must get laid like a rockstar…

    – No, DJ Fuji does… and that is why you pay him money to give you advice, isn’t it? 🙂

    Fuji, I guess you have to keep telling people that so they will pay you to “get better”. I wouldn’t mind if you told me your “success rate”, you know, to establish credibility as to why an audience should listen to you, besides telling them they should.

    It’s great though. I mean if you are a nerd who has never been with a girl its pretty easy to be convinced of something like the above statement. But there are a lot of guys who don’t have any sort of trouble with girls, you call them “naturals”, I guess it sucks not being one of us.

    For real though. Keep selling the idea to these guys that picking up girls in a nightclub is a phenomenal feat that most people in the world can’t do. Oh wait, you specifically said only in the community. And you said 90% (or is it 95% dude… fix your maths!) don’t ever get “good”. So what is the point of the community in the first place? Just a big circle jerk and a waste of time.

    I’ll have fun doing what I do anyway.

    I’m done with this.


    1. Joey, I don’t know if you were a fan of Rev31 or not, but for the record, this is not the Rev31 forum that is now out of commission. You are welcome to keep posting your opinions here, but it is not a place to vent like R31. This isn’t quite a warning, just a mild word of caution (I’m pretty liberal about comments, just try to stay objective).

      Regarding the content of your comment…

      “picking up girls in a nightclub is a phenomenal feat that most people in the world can’t do.”

      Indeed, picking a girl up in a club is not a phenomenal feat in and of itself- but for a lot of guys it is (and the minute it’s not, success improves dramatically). As far as I know, the best way to get past this kind of thinking is repetition- just having those experiences- which is exactly what Fuji is here to do (agree or not with his content).

      Furthermore, most guys I have met at a college of ~54,000 students, have never experienced a “legitimate” SNL.

      By most, I mean 99/100.

      By “legitimate”, I mean not getting plastered and stumbling your way through the night and “getting lucky”, or having some other external help factor (frat night at a bar, while being in that frat).

      Some people enjoy getting shit faced, or only meeting women with 2 dozen friends at the bar- to each his own. But that doesn’t mean you “know what your doing”, or know how to teach guys who have little to no experience with women. They are 2 different subjects- one serves you well now, one serves well now, and later =).


  23. “I wouldn’t mind if you told me your “success rate”, you know, to establish credibility as to why an audience should listen to you, besides telling them they should.”

    From my experience, this actually doesn’t hold a lot of credibility for a guy looking to teach. It looks great on paper of course, but I know a ton of “natural” and frat guys around my college, who have laid dozens of women- and very few of them could tell you even the slightest bit “how”.

    In fact, I find most often that guys who bang a bunch of chicks at a young age, often give the worst advice- not unlike women.

    Correlation does not equal causation =).


  24. Trying to impress –> no reactions –> unattractive/low value
    Fuji’s hair –> A LOT OF REACTIONS (even on this website – 55 comments) –> attractive/high value


  25. Hey Dj Fugi, thanks for such an awesome speech. Exactly what I have been looking for, especially when it comes to ego/overinflated standards.

    On another saturated note, I have no idea how some of these guys could game any girls with boobs if they can’t even get even get over your hair.

    Anyways, thanks Fugi and thanks Dream!


    1. No way to download it yet, but, we are in the process of installing a new video player (you can see it on all 2007 and 2008 videos). It allows you to skip around in the video, which I assume is a feature you were looking for by downloading it?.

      Anyway, we should have it on 2009 videos in a few weeks time.


  26. somethings wrong with this guy. he’s like a, idk, hardcore cookie cutter pick-up artist. he has bad suttleties and and body language. it’s like he’s scared and supplementing. and very hard-headed

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god i’m hanging with Adonis right now in Vegas and we just cracked up so hard reading this. You know, Joel, you’re right, I DEFINITELY have bad “suttleties”. I think it’s cause I’m “supplementing.” Gotta lay off that creatine and protein powder. I think it’s making me hard-headed. lmao

    2. OMG totally bad body language… you didn’t open us over the shoulder, used FTC and body rocking… so now you are getting IODs from joel…

      It should be like:

      DJ Fuji: Hey guys, do you know why 95% guys in the community never get good?
      Audience: No…
      DJ Fuji: I’ve only got 106 minutes, but get this: My ex gf stripper once we were driving in my Ferrari after I saved her from terrorists told me about Discipline, Training and Execution… (snip&stack)

  27. Steve (el topo) Here –

    Man it is good to see DJ Fuji get some exposure here. He has been sitting in the shadows for too long!

    This guys is literally the Best Instructor out there that is teaching straight Game. What I mean by that is the fundamentals. There are tons of people out there teaching the same stuff, but so ineffectively. It is to the point it pisses me off.
    There are only a few that are qualified in my opinion. AFC Adam who also spoke is one of those.
    But DJ Fuji (as you can tell from this Video)is the real deal. As I said I think he is the best in this category and if you get a chance to see him speak live DO IT! And if you were out there looking for someone to teach you how to get yourself started in Game, don’t wasted time with someone else…
    Hire this man!


    Check out my Videos at

  28. I just saw this talk and Ratisse’ talk and I have a question about ejecting from conversations, because I see a method conflict.

    Fuji makes the point that you should maximize your interactions by staying in them until you are asked to leave but not just when your audience shows disinterest.

    On the other hand Ratisse describes a strategy for working bars/clubs/parties where you have short conversations with a good chunk of the people you are not ‘targeting’ . Then while the groups are comfortable, you try and pull away your target. AFC Adam describes something similar, except Ratisse even tries to treat individuals as groups as well. That’s a subtlety.

    So is premature ejecltion so bad? You leave so you go on talking to other people. I was at a club last night practicing these quick conversations, but it was before seeing either of the talks and I ended up feeling I didn’t build enough rapport/comfort with them. The groups were too cohesive for me to just break people out of them. I admit I didn’t try to pull them away; instead I just found opportunities where there were 3-sets so I could just get the 3rd person into a conversation alone.

    I feel there is a wide rift between these two strategies. I see the pros/cons in each ( differences in rapport and differences in whether you look too needy ) , but could someone shed some light on unifying them with a common principle ?

  29. Sure. These aren’t exactly conflicting. They are both attempting to reach different goals.
    Fuji is talking about practicing. He is recommending that you stay in set in order to get yourself use to social pressure. It also will teach you to keep conversations going for a longer period of time. ETC It helps you get experience.

    Ratisse is attempting a higher level of game. Fuji’s recommendation is great for practice, but once you have the skill, it is not always best to simply stand in set. Ratisse bounces around to generate social proof, and uses one group of cockblocks to basically pick up another group.

    Personally, i run something like a mix of both. I leave set sometimes, but i often reopen them. The problem with most PUAs is that we don’t reopen we simply move on. if you are going to reopen you don’t want to push as long a Fugi recommends in the vid. However it is a great way to get over social fear if you are new. Also things will often go much farther than you think they will.

    So if you are new or just medicore, try what Fugi says for now. Ratisse’s stuff definately works but you need basic game to implement it.

    This is of course only my opinion, Fugi or Ratisse are welcome to contradict me.

  30. @ Dodger/Hshudo : Thanks for the reply. What I am worried about lately is getting told off when talking to girls whom I meet. I have been hanging out at many bars the past few weeks and there have been cases where girls have told me that I am blocking their view of the game on TV; they left for the bathroom (once I didn’t notice I started a conversation with someone who was right in front of it ) ; or at clubs I have been just told ‘bye’. And I have gotten the ‘I have a boyfriend ‘ a few times too. Sometimes it is just a ‘we have to go to dinner with our friends’. (:

    I am not giving up of course. My conversation / body language is improving and I am losing my anxiety slowly.

    But all these rejections make me think that maybe I should leave conversations before they get the chance to tell me off . Am I thinking clearly ?

    1. For now, I would recommend that you continue to push the sets. You need to work on you game basics and focusing on one group at a time will make that easier. Once you can manage to get a couple minutes in with each set, Then start bouncing around more. You still need to get you basic skills up to par. Then you will be able to feel the warmer sets easier, and know how to manage them.

  31. “…Everything that seems weird, and you go in the field and all your friends are like “what are you doing?”, it probably is weird…”

    Well, looks like a lot of things some PUAs do seem weird to all the guys around and especially to the person that is trying something new…

    My friends are sometimes like: why are you walking so slow, why are you holding your drink by your side, why are you sitting like that, leaning back, touching the girls so much etc… And for example when Mehow is in the field, guys don’t have idea what’s going on and he is weird to them, but the girls are laughing.

    And sometimes even the girls ask why didn’t I kick some guy’s ass because he insulted me, or talked to my girl and tried to pick her up…

    1. I think what DJ Fuji said went more along the lines of “If YOU think it’s weird and your friends think it’s weird…” i.e you find yourself comfortable doing those things so you must not find it weird.

  32. Let me clarify. If someone tells you to do something in field (a routine, a tactic, whatever), and you think, “wow this is really weird,” and your friends also think (even after you’ve done it), “that was really weird,” and even THE GIRLS think and act like, “stop being weird…”

    Well then… it’s probably weird. Your intuition probably isnt THAT far off.

    Note that “weird” isn’t always universal. In other words, me talking like a black guy would be weird. A black guy talking like a black guy wouldn’t be. Take things within context.

    Here are some examples of standard community teachings that are usually weird:

    -The “time bridge” verbals: “I really enjoyed talking to you. How can we make this happen again sometime?” <– who the hell talks like that??

    -Stacking openers and material without naturalizing it (e.g. making it sound like normal conversation)

    -Wearing a top hat and goggles in field. Note: I've done it before and it's good for practicing a resistance to social pressure. But it's still weird.

    -Future projections about aliens or fantasy worlds or creepy shit. One guru I know tells a girl that she's sassy and that he's going to throw her in a blender and make sassy juice out of her. Uhh, yeah, thanks, Hannibal Lechter.

    1. You forgot to add RSD WOO-NIMBUS style to the list 😀

      Thanks for the answer dude! I’ve been re-writing notes on this video 3 times now, and every time I watch the video again there is something important I left out. Much useful information in a short period of time.


        You should totally have a section for each video where user notes for the video are posted.

        I’m envisioning ‘USER SUBMITTED NOTES’ and then the poster’s name as a link to the notes.

        I’m sure people have gone through the videos over and over again and taken notes, but there’s just so much good info in the crazy amount of videos that it’s a daunting task.

        It’s something I’d like to see and I’m sure someone out there is with me on this.

        1. Aaron I have thought of exactly the same thing… but not implemented it yet. I may do so with past footage once I get back from a camping trip next week. BUT, all new footage that comes out WILL have this feature. It will be very simple to use, and like you’re saying, should kick some ass if everyone pitches in.



  33. “Future projections about aliens or fantasy worlds or creepy shit. One guru I know tells a girl that she’s sassy and that he’s going to throw her in a blender and make sassy juice out of her. Uhh, yeah, thanks, Hannibal Lechter.”

    No joke. Some of the teases and FAPs Mehow uses/teaches are super weird. I picture them working for him because they are kind of congruent with his eccentric persona, but I picture 99% of guys coming off really CREEPY saying those “soundbytes” word for word. There are ways to flirt while still being normal and not coming off like a retard.

  34. pretty much what i got from this is if 90% of the community doesn’t find success and 90% of non-community people don’t find success then there pretty much isn’t any point of being in the community

  35. Love the article, Dream. So true.

    Logic, that rationale is the same as a fat guy at the gym saying, “90% of the people here are fat and the trainer says that 90% of the people who sign up won’t get in great shape, so there’s no point in even trying to get in shape.”

    See the flaw?

    1. Yeah thats true, I take back my assumption. Still wrapping my head around the actual rationale.

      Really liked the part about fundamentals and state independence, could you list some of those fundamentals? Thanks

  36. @logic: Fundamentals are things like body language, tonality, dominance, value subtext, belief systems and inner game, calibration, vibe, conversational ability, kino, etc. They are all the backbone skills that you need regardless of what system you use. Think of them as things like ‘having proper form’ when weight lifting. No matter what bodybuilding system you use, you have to have proper form.

    The thing with state is that you shouldn’t be relying on state to do well. That would be like michael jordan relying on ‘being in the zone’ to play basketball. Being in the zone is a BONUS. It is not the crux of MJ’s game. And it should not be the crux of yours.

  37. Hey Dj,

    Could you explain how one can get better at gaming without state?

    I never really thought about it before your video, but i do suppose i am state reliant to some degree…

    Is there anything (besides practicing while not in state) that i could do to become less state reliant?

  38. @fade: Focus on the fundamentals rather than chasing state. Think about how Jordan got good. He got good by being talented and by putting in tons and tons of effort into it. He worked on every aspect of his game, including the mental one.

    Imagine then, that instead of doing that, he realized that he plays better when he’s on fire, so instead of working on the mechanics of his game (or his believe system), he simply chased state constantly. He constantly spent all of his time and energy chasing the elusive ‘in the zone’ feeling.

    Do you know what would happen? You’d have a decent player who had his moments of greatness when he was in the zone. But he’d be INCONSISTENT because he didn’t have the fundamentals down when he wasn’t in the zone. When he wasn’t on fire, he’d make mistakes and let turnovers happen. He’d miss free throws (shaq, anyone?). He’d be inconsistent because he’d be relying on STATE to compensate for SKILL.

    Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t chase state in lieu of skill.

  39. Fuji, I’ve never really thought about staying with a set as long as possible. Do you disagree with false time contraints or would you use them anyway?

  40. I don’t use FTCs much anymore (except when needed) but even when I did, they were FALSE time constraints. That is, you didn’t actually leave. Stay with a set until blow out because you learn the most that way.

  41. After watching this, all I have to say is “Wow”! This lecture was exactly what I was looking for! I’ve been practicing PUA for about a month now doing Day Game and I’m very passionate about it. I keep a journal on my computer to keep track of all my progress, so I have been seeing improvement (although, no cold-approach Number Closes yet). Still, I have a couple questions for you DJ Fuji…

    1. When you say “relying on State Game” are you saying it’s wrong to do warm-up sets to get in the zone? If I’m not at my usual venue (the Mall) for practicing Game, I tend to not approach. I know it’s wrong, but for some reason I’m just not in the zone or just not feeling ready when I see a HB sometimes. Am I one of those cases where I’m relying on State Game too much?

    2. I noticed you said a good technique for getting numbers is to say something like, “I’ve got this X event coming up and it’s going be great! I can’t wait for it!” If the response is positive, then say, “what’s the best way to talk to you again?”. If she doesn’t show interest the first time around, and I keep bringing it up and keep bringing it up, will she think it’s weird? If she thinks it’s weird, should I just eject from the set because clearly she’s not interested or should after the first couple of tries, just ask directly for her number?

    3. What’s the best way to become almost an approach-machine where I have almost zero approach anxiety and I can approach any amount of HBs, even if it’s a mixed set. The hardest type of set for me would be a seated, mixed two-set. Do you have any tips on how to beat that initial nervousness?

    Thank you
    – Jacques

  42. Hey Jacques,

    Thanks for the cool words.

    1. What I meant by relying on state is that a lot of guys don’t focus on the fundamentals and instead rely on their “state” to compensate. When you’re in state, you relax and flow and a lot of your body language and subcommunication cleans up automatically. Now that’s great, but the problem is that you can’t RELY on that all the time. State is, by default, fleeting. So that means that instead of relying on STATE to make you not lean in, or run out of things to say, or lead the interaction, you should develop these fundamentals as GOOD HABITS. Things that you do whether or not you’re in state. Relying on state to clean up your game is like a basketball player who has to ‘be on fire’ or else he can’t dribble or pass the ball. State should be an enhancement to your game. It should not define it. That said, do your warm up sets. The issue with not wanting to approach isn’t because you’re state-based. It’s because you’re RESULTS based. You don’t want to approach if you sense it’s a tough set because you’re afraid of getting blown out. That’s normal, but unfortunately it prevents guys from getting good. Not only do you have to push yourself past comfort zones, but you want to do these things so that you develop LONG TERM COMPETENCE, even if that means you have to blow some sets in the short term.

    2. The verbals are more like, “what’s the best way to get a hold of you” or “how do I get a hold of you?” If she never shows interest after 3 or 4 times of trying, it’s either because you made too many mistakes early on or because you’re coming off weird (arguably the same thing). The first thing is to focus on the problem and not the symptoms. Focus on what you’re doing wrong that CAUSED that symptom. This is where the “T” or training comes in. Training will allow you to figure out what’s going wrong because it will identify the core problem and give you a way to fix it. But to answer your question, if you try 3 or 4 times and she’s giving you avoidance behavior each time, then try showing interest and escalating physically. It’ll either increase her attraction for you or blow you out. Good for you either way. You push the set further or you cut your losses.

    3. Zero approach anxiety as a whole doesn’t exist unless you’re born with weird ass brain chemistry (you don’t feel fear) or you’re one of those buddhist monks. Neither of which I aspire to be. So the object then is to be able to MANAGE the fear. That’s the key point. Learn to do this by pushing yourself, by approaching immediately when you walk in, and by making courage a habit in your life. The more you do something, the easier it becomes. Start your good habits NOW.

    Hope this helps, man.

    DJ Fuji

  43. Hey guys,
    first of all great speech from DJ Fuji and thank you Dream for offering this awesome stuff for free.
    I am preety new in this hole Pick up stuff so i want to start the best way it is possible and thats like Dj Fuji defines The foundamentals.
    But the problem is that i do not know what you are meaning with fundamentals????!!!

    Thank you and I am from Germany(i know that my english sucks:D)

    1. Ha, I think the last student Fuji had from Germany ended up getting married… to the girl he met on bootcamp!

      Thanks for the kind words, glad you’re getting a lot from the site.


  44. hey Fuji great job! your a totaly diffrent person from when i 1st met you at the LAX with Laz. love the crazy hair lol. hope eveything is well. BTW you should do an infomercial…….keep up the goodd work

  45. DJ Fuji, you are an inspiration. I am Asian and all, and when I first read the game, I thought that kinda stuff was only for like white guys living an eccentric lifestyle.

    Since then, I have overcome that limiting belief but seeing your speech solidifies my determination. I am definitely going through the pain period right now.

    Thanks Dream for organizing a medium where such important info can be obtained.

  46. I have to agree with the self belief going into being an instructor. You gotta ‘know’ in a concrete way that you will spark a transformation and actually cut the bullshit out.

    Last year I was going direct, over the shoulder on moving sets lol.
    This year, I’m teaching my first paid bootcamp in december.

    Funny how persistence and continuous maniacal field testing can get you so far.

    The thing I like the most about this video is the obvious sub-comm that you really want people to learn.

  47. Oh and I forgot to say. I really enjoyed the video.
    Thanks a lot for making it available. I really mean it from the heart.

    peace, 1 love.

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