Interview with Brent Smith | Tampa Florida | The 21 Report

Brent Smith breaks down how to stop competing with other men for women. He lays out a new perspective that encourages men to break out of the scarcity mentality and be ok with women chasing you.

In this video, you will learn:

  • Why guys feel like they NEED to have some amazing story of seducing the girl.
  • How to become a guy who is chase-able, instead of having to chase.
  • A critical mindset shift that will help you get more women with less effort.

The 21 Report is a series of short interviews with the speakers of The 21 Convention, hosted by Marilee Johnson.

Founded in 2010, The 21 Report has evolved into a highly useful, short-form interview series with stunning production quality and top-notch speakers.

Enjoy The 21 Report and stay tuned for more great reports in years to come.

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