How to Destroy Your Approach Anxiety & Social Fear

Everyone has social fear whether it’s talking to beautiful women or public speaking. Learn about the causes of social fear and how to overcome these sticking points.

In this video you will learn,

  • How to internalize new beliefs.
  • The source of approach anxiety.
  • The biggest secret to removing fears.

About Sasha:

Sasha Daygame was introduced to the “self help” field by none other than Mystery of VH1’s The Pickup Artist, in the late 1990’s. Although exposed to the theories of social dynamics at a very young age, Sasha focused his time and energy building his skills as a stand up comedian for the next decade. Around 2006, after reading The Game, he decided to finally take his dating skills into his own hands got heavily into self improvement, and seduction. Sasha spent thousands of hours chatting up beautiful women in the UK, Europe and overseas. Eventually he developed his own unique system — a method which has been described as “insane fun” and revolves around completely eradicating pre-conceived social fears first, and then meeting beautiful girls soon after!

Sasha discovered this direct mindset in 2009 and his results improved dramatically — and he has been singing the praises of a direct approach to meeting women ever since! Sasha is renowned for getting amazing results for his students, and regularly trains clients who travel from around the globe to attend his courses. Much of Sasha’s teaching centers around honesty and authenticity. In 2010, Sasha put together the world’s first “Direct Dating Summit” bringing together the world’s best Direct Dating coaches. This was hailed by attendees as a “completely life changing event.” Alan Roger Currie claimed is was “the best event I’ve ever seen in my life” (Direct quote.) Sasha is one of the top dating coaches in the world, and has a strong following in the European seduction community.

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