The Hero’s Ultimate Starter Pack

These speeches embody the message of A Panorama Event For Life on Earth as a Man, and will guide you in the right direction for happiness in all aspects of your life.

1. Opening Keynote Address | Socrates

soc opening

What you will learn:

– The power of dreamers.

– How to truly make changes in your life.

– How to overcome limiting beliefs.

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2. Opening Keynote | James Marshall

What you will learn:

– Insight into the female mind.

– How to get what you want.

– The best way to develop your social skills.

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3. The Self Made Man | Eric Daniels Ph.D.

eric final screencap

What you will learn:

– What is the self made man?

– Why & how to define your own measure of success.

– The origins of the self made man (including Benjamin Franklin)

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