The Lifetime Ticket

A Lifelong Membership to The 21 Convention

What is the Lifetime Ticket?

The Lifetime Ticket is a permanent, unlimited access ticket to all future events held by 21 Studios. It is a $50,000 non-refundable investment that will drastically change your life - and keep it changed

There is no limit to the number of live events you can attend. If we hold one event per year, three, or ten, you have complete, premium access to all of them, forever.

21 Convention events have been held since 2007 across the world in Florida, Texas, Sweden, England, and Australia.

Special Bonuses

The Lifetime Ticket is an exclusive membership that comes packed with special bonuses, such as...

- Full access to all VIP dinners and first party events.

- The ability to bring one free guest to every event - forever.

- Red carpet access: front row seating for life.

- Special recognition at each event. (Optional)

- Lifetime gold membership to 21 University.

Cultivate the self, increase social intelligence, build fulfilling and healthy relationships, and successfully date the women you desire.

Complete, Lifelong Self-Improvement

Never buy another eBook, online course, or self-improvement event ticket for the rest of your life. The Lifetime Ticket is a total solution to mastering primary and fundamental categories of your life as a man.

Pursue your happiness, deepen your understanding 

of life and self, and learn how to use reason to 

flourish throughout your entire life. 

Master your exercise and nutrition habits, 

build muscle, optimize your weight, 

and stay healthy for life.

Create physical and personal independence in your life through a better understanding of career, wealth, and core fundamentals of self-defense.

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