Is Passion Overrated? – Weekly Roundup #79

Is passion overrated? Are vegetable oils healthy? Should nice guys finish last? That and more in this roundup.

Video of the Week

Is Passion Overrated? By Matthew Hussey



Doug McGuff neatly explains the survivorship bias.


Jon Matrix approaches a girl on a train platform.

Matt Hussey says nice guys SHOULD finish last.


 Dave Asprey shares some sneaky ways food sucks your energy.

Should you go cold turkey or take baby steps? Mark Sisson answers.

Are vegetable oils healthy? John Briffa answers.


Brad Branson shows how to wake up with energy and excitement.

Richard Nikoley says do something so crazy you’re afraid to tell anyone; then tell them anyway.

Is The 21 Convention as you know it a thing of the past? Anthony Johnson gives the lowdown on some big changes.

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