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Rob Judge Retires : Farewell Speech to be Given at The 21 Convention 2012 (Austin)


EDIT : Rob Judge no longer plans to speak at The 21 Convention in Austin Texas. Notice was not given to The 21 Convention on this issue. No reason has been cited by Rob Judge for this abrupt change.


Citing personal reasons, legendary two time speaker of The 21 Convention Rob Judge officially retires May 3rd 2012 as a dating and confidence coach.

As announced on his Facebook wall, Rob will be giving his “final farewell” or retirement speech at The 21 Convention 2012, taking place August 17th-19th in downtown Austin Texas.

A first in 21 Convention history, this presentation will not be released for free on online.

Only live attendees are guaranteed to experience the presentation given by Rob Judge this year at The 21 Convention. This year’s Austin event will be the last chance any fans have to meet and speak with Rob Judge live and in person.

Furthermore, and by request, all free videos of Rob Judge have been removed from the web. They are now exclusively available in The 21 Convention web store.

On a final note, a public comment left on Rob’s Facebook wall by a fan of his as well as of The 21 Convention.

For those of you who followed Rob over the years, you may agree with this comment very strongly.


I can’t speak for all your students, but I can speak for myself and while my words will not reflect all our experiences, hell most of it won’t, the emotions behind it will be almost universal.

I started my journey because I had a lot of crushes, 14 to be exact, all blow up in my face one after the other before I got that there was something wrong about the situation. “It’s something about me, not them” I remember. The first honest brave thought I said to myself. The last crush was so played up in my head that I thought about killing myself because if I girl(I thought) that compatible was rejecting me there’s no hope, but the two facts-that my family would be hurt and I could help the world in a small, not confident enough to say big, way were the things, and only things that kept me here. So I listened to Taylor Swift songs from dusk till dawn and the next day looked up from my pillow and searched “how do you get better at dating.” I told myself remember that it was a means to an end so I could justify that it wasn’t just for pointless sex to myself.

After a few sites with random clichè advice I found Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo, or Eben Pagan. It was the first information in my whole life that I couldn’t look away from out of sheer joy for what it meant about my life. That allowed me to gain some confidence, and now that I look back on those days, I have pride at all the shit I was able to put myself through. After I had that though I noticed that I couldn’t hold a conversation so I went back and looked for “conversation” it finished my search before I was done to “conversation skills make small talk sexy.”

Apparently others had searched for it, but that didnt even register past the fact that I knew others had done it so I could to. I got it and went through it and I could at least talk for more than one line in normal conversation. I subscribed to and the next email I got was about you.”Check out our staff writer Rob at the21convention.” Don’t get headaches get girls was amazing, and so I found everyone else there, saw them, and subscribed to their newsletters.

From there I didn’t buy any products, but I did read their articles. I had also been on another journey to entrepreneurship as well, because I couldn’t talk and had no friends freshman year of high school, I spent time on stocks, which my Dad told me to do so I could later be a company starter. I went to Barnes and Noble hanging out in the entrepreneurship section and read rework(it’s great) and then a book called the 4-hour work week caught my eye, which was written to expand the readers boundaries, which it did.

Both these journeys and the one for health and nutrition started by the21convention speeches all fed into each other, one success led to success in another area.

From there I read your stuff, and when you released advanced dating strategies I bought it and read it, though I still haven’t done it, though for good reason. I was advancing in my entrepreneurial part of life to now where I know a google employee, who works there because his company, milk, was bought by them. I also got fit paleo style.

I was naturally advancing my skills over time so much that 5 months ago I unsubscribed from everybody besides you. The only things I’ve seen are the new 21convention videos. I had graduated, and then you wrote your post about graduating from the game, giving a word to what had happened to me. Throughout this whole time, ideas I got from my experience were getting validated, well defined, and improved by the things you wrote and said. You are my, and probably most peoples, favorite person from my journey through this area of life. It was quite a journey, but I have a new life to start as well, I’m about to start a business that will gain me enough money to start my life, being someone who is going to change the world, because thats one of the kinds of fun I like to have these days.

I have decided that I will join you in the next step of life, and I encourage others to comment saying they will do the same if they can. If you are ever anywhere near L.A. I would love buying you a cup of coffee, it’s the smallest thing I could do, and you deserve at least that. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to this years 21convention to see your retirement speech, but if I can I will.

Rob, I respect you more than anyone I know because of your integrity on telling the truth and never pulling a punch. You burned bridges faster than 99% of people, because most would hold on to what’s comfortable. That shows balls.

From the deepest and brightest part of my heart, which you helped me find, thank you. Good luck. Take care. Have a blast. And have your life, the one that that your living fully, as bright as can be. As said in The Alchemist “A persons only obligation is to fulfill their destiny.” That’s all we need to be happy and live an extraordinary life, and you’re definitely living your destiny right now.

Daniel Best and anyone else that agrees with the words I say.


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  1. Jason says:

    It’s sad to hear that Rob is leaving the community since he has done so much good for it, but I wish him the best of luck.

    Will Rob’s speech at the 21C in August be available for purchase?

    • We’ll be filming it for 100% sure. I think selling it as a download will work out, but its only about 99% sure at the moment. Have to confirm that setup closer to the event with Rob directly.

  2. Luke says:

    I will buy it!

  3. Coldman says:

    Why the hell would you remove all of his online video’s? Aren’t the next-generation of men (or new men coming to this community) allowed to have the same resources and quality video’s that we had?

    I’m glad I saved those video’s offline, but what the hell man!

    I would love to see that speech aswell, sadly, I can’t be there. I’ll probably buy it though

    • Man you’re like the 10th guy to say something like this… As the post states, the videos were removed *by request*, as in Rob’s request.

      I did not want to remove them, but after we discussed it, I decided to grant his request and remove them immediately.

      (His reasons are private and up to him to disclose).

  4. Ryan says:

    yeah why would he remove all his videos i thought this was his career. they have good stuff on them

    he must be going through a mid life crisis or is getting married to woman

    • This was a big decision for Rob, so yes, I’m sure there is something going on that motivated him to make this decision. If you attend the Austin 21 Convention you can ask him in person!

      • Ryan says:

        not able to fly to texas seeing as im in australia, but i do hope you put his speech available to download!

        My guess is seeing that he stated he is completely happy it might have something to do with a woman.
        but to remove all his content and shutdown his website is a little strange, all his information is original and should be available to help guys wanting to get girlfriends.
        maybe he wasnt making enough money and got offered a better job, seeing as he has a background in creative writing.

        anyway thats my two cents.

        • Hey Ryan

          I’ll do my best to make that happen. He definitely doesn’t want it going out on Youtube, but he was open to other ideas last we spoke so keep your eyes peeled.

          Re Australia: are you attending the Melbourne conference? It will be our first ever in Aussie. The more the better for our first time!

          – Anthony

  5. amir says:

    send me his writings

  6. Randy says:

    Too bad Judge is out of the game but it will be nice to hear what he has to say.

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