Weekly Roundup #8


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Male/Female Relationships


  • Brad Branson discusses his view on daygame and how, when approaching a girl, the most important thing you should be focusing on is your mindset going in on that interaction.
  • Shasha. “Girls always know when you’re faking”, that’s Shasha’s first point in his new video and that’s why he counsels his students to be whatever suits their own personalities, in other words, be their ideal self.




  • Mark Sisson after a wonderful series on inflammation and its effects on the human body, it’s time now to know which top-foods Mark has found to be anti-inflammatory.




  • Doug McDuff M.D. An interesting study showing that children performing HIT have an increase in spontaneous physical activity, a finding that may not surprise anyone who is training in the same fashion and has, at some point, entertained the idea of jumping off walls and doing triple backflips.


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