Drew Baye Video Announcements



Two videos of Drew Baye today. The one you see above is a short one Drew and I made about the 2011 Orlando event, the 2011 London event, and a special high intensity workshop Drew Baye is hosting on a first come, first serve basis for 8 people on July 25th (the Monday after The 21 Convention ends in Orlando Florida).

The second is A, content packed at an hour and 19 minutes long, and B, a very concrete (yet brief) demonstration of what to expect at the high intensity workshop with Drew Baye.


In the video Drew Baye goes into intricate detail explaining the workout he puts me through, which was brutal to say the least, and an ideal example of the exercise principles advocated by Doug McGuff MD.


The 4 hour workshop with Drew is $250. It is limited to the first 8 T21C attendees who sign up. To sign up through The 21 Convention directly click here.


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  1. Oliver says:

    Hows it going dream, more good content.

    Why does he advice a slight gap in the weight stack on the compound pull movement? Would you say its good thing to do?