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The Formula for Night Game


CEO and founder of Pua Training, author of The Natural Art of SeductionRichard ‘Gambler’ La Ruina before age 21 was a painfully shy introvert with terrible social skills, who got called ugly by girls and had low self-esteem.

He stayed awake at night and wondered if he’d ever be able to find a girlfriend. He has spent the past 6 years working on every aspect of his character, including skills with women. People from his youth no longer recognize him and people that meet him can’t believe he wasn’t always a “natural” – both socially and with women.

Any success or ability that he possesses, he has had to work for. Because he has gone from zero to hero, he knows the steps necessary and this is what makes his teaching so effective.

The nickname: At 18 years old, Gambler took his life savings of £2000 and put them to work in the stock market. Over the next 6 years, he earned his nickname The God of Gamblers – from the Hong Kong film character who never loses a gamble. The nickname was later shortened to Gambler. Now, he lives in Leicester Sq. London and his full-time job is teaching guys how to achieve success with women.


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  1. Jorge says:


  2. By FAR the best presentation I’ve ever seen on seduction and how to ACTUALLY escalate with a woman. Outstanding! (=

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  5. Jerry says:

    His presentation demo was amazing.How you communicate without words is key to success for quick attraction.Body language is 93% of communication.
    I understand how you use those skills in the club or noisy place.It was so much better than just reading.

    Are there fashion or image improvement talk during convention?How you can teach to cool image is important skill.Body,cloth,hair style advice will be nice.

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