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Who is James Steele II?


I am James Steele II. 22 years old and a PhD Candidate in the area of exercise as treatment in chronic low back pain (CLBP) at Southampton Solent University in the UK. I live in Southampton with my parents, three brothers (another has flown the coop) and five cocker spaniels. Why James Steele ‘II’? Well, my dad is a James also, and it stuck as a nickname (well, I preferred it to James Junior).

I am an exercise scientist by trade and gained a first class honours degree in Applied Sport Science at Southampton Solent University. I have been fortunate enough to apply my knowledge in working with a wide range of elite athletic populations including; international Ironman triathlete’s, Paralympic wheelchair basketball and rugby, semi professional muay thai fighters and professional football (soccer). In addition to this I’ve had a great deal of experience working with non-athletic populations including the elderly, diseased and my current area of research, CLBP.

I came across The 21 Convention or Anthony more specifically, through my interest in exercise science and following Doug McGuff and John Little’s Body by Science blog. At the time I wasn’t aware of what it was, or what it stood for and I didn’t look too much into it; however I was eventually drawn back to it through Anthony’s personal blog. It’s seldom that you find a man who is both good and great in this day and age, but that was the perception of Anthony I gained. In both Anthony’s blog and free footage from The 21 Convention I learned a great deal more than just the specific topics at hand.

I witnessed first and foremost a man of true integrity and self esteem, the type of man which this world needs and whose values are to be appreciated. I also found many more men like this. I found that I’m not alone in my philosophy.

I came to realise what The 21 Convention really stands for; integrity, self esteem, the rational mind, making the most of the life you have and valuing that life. I feel that with Anthony leading it and the men that it attracts pushing it forward, it will not just represent a changing paradigm in this world, but it can, and I believe will, change it.

Based upon the value I ascribe to, and have gained from, The 21 Convention, I hope that speaking this year I can offer the same. I bring to The 21 Convention this year in London two topics which I plan on presenting to the bright young men attending as both important in leading the lives you want. My specialist area of research, CLBP, and an armchair objectivists perspectives on existence and mans life, both being important in the maintenance of both physical, and mental health.

CLBP, despite its unpretentious nature is perhaps the most common and potentially the most debilitating affliction mans condition. I hope to present some of the evidence I believe explains its aetiology along with effective approaches for its prevention and treatment.

I’ve no formal education in philosophy, only the education that I saw fit to provide for myself. However, in the same way that I discovered myself through reading Ayn Rand’s works, I hope to also be able to present clearly her framework for a rational philosophy for life on earth, and allude to the implications and necessity of Objectivism as the philosophy for life.

I can’t wait to attend The 21 Convention this year in London and am honoured to have been invited to speak about two topics I am passionate about. To contact me visit my personal blog, The Life and Times of James Steele II, found at

Look forward to meeting everyone in London on June 2nd 2011!!!




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