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Orlando Owen T21C 2010 [Florida]


Once a shy teenager of German-American descent, painfully bad with girls, Orlando Owen experienced his most profound personal transformation during the years he was mentored by Steve P., of “The Game” fame.

In his quest for “getting girls”, and for his own masculinity, Orlando traveled the world, learning not only from the masters of seduction, but also received extensive hypnosis training, and underwent serious initiation rites, contributing to his deep shamanistic background.

But his greatest breakthroughs came from working with countless women, teaching them to release sexual and emotional blockages, helping them to experience powerful, full-body orgasms …

Though among the “Founding Fathers” of Seduction, years before Mystery & Neil Strauss jumped onto the bandwagon, Orlando never liked “pickup”, and never considered himself a PUA …

Watching aspiring seducers get stuck in juvenile, immature “pickup” mentality, with its insincere, canned routines, dogmatic doctrines, and absurd dress codes, Orlando always looked at “pickup” as an initial warning light on your dash board, alerting you to much deeper, underlying emotional issues, sabotaging your success with women, as in life!

“Pickup” may be a starting point for clueless boys, which is better than doing nothing … but unless it rather quickly leads to a much deeper development as a mature, powerful, authentic man … what’s the point?

Worst of all – almost ALL of “pickup” is still focused on “correcting” a very isolated area, and almost entirely on superficial OUTER attributes, rather than on a fundamental internal trance-formation, which will address ALL issues on a much deeper level.

People wanting to build “six pack abs” usually try sit-ups and crunches – ignoring a key principle of physical training:

It is impossible (!) to create spot loss in your abdominal (or ANY other) area. The good news is: almost everybody has sufficient stomach muscles already in place!

You can train your abs all you want: Unless you lose the fat covering them, they won’t come to the surface. And the gut is the LAST area where you will lose fat! Lose weight on your entire body, and your six packs will inevitably show!

Success with women and dating is very much like that:

This area of your life is usually one of the LAST to improve!

Just like body fat is akin to physical “armor”, your deeper emotional issues represent “emotional armor”!

Unless you get the underlying emotional issues handled, your true personality, your born “Inner Seducer” will never have a chance to shine!

Without solid INNER GAME, you simply have no outer game!

Rather than focus on just ONE isolated area of skill, Orlando’s MagickMale Process focuses on:

  • Re-Masculation: Helping you develop Authentic Masculinity, a sense of True Male Identity, understanding your role in life
  • Ultra Deep Game: Defusing your emotional time bombs, freeing you from the shadows of trauma, and building Authentic Self-Esteem!
  • Radical Presence: Getting out of your head and into your heart is one of the most profound transformations you need, if connecting to quality women is your goal!

just to name a few …

Orlando Owen‘s ‘MagickMale Process’ can change your life faster and more profoundly than all the “pickup”, “sarging”, and “game” in the world …


Orlando lives on a sailboat in Venice Beach, CA, coaching & teaching in Los Angeles, Miami Beach, and Europe.




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  1. Ecstasy says:

    Orlando Owen is an absolute badass. I love how he focuses on Being a Man. Reminds me of the Scarface quote, “All I have in this world are my balls and my word. And I don’t break them for nobody.”

  2. Brian says:

    This guy sounds like a lot of mental masturbation. If i need more of these message, i’ll read the way of the superior man. His speech is not concise, organize and all over the place. Shitty speaker

  3. alex says:

    Experiences him in Germany last year.
    You have to get to know him in real. He has a fabulous presence and vocal tonality to enrich your life.

    But, as he says himself, he is no pickup-guru.I see him is rather a teacher of life, living and relationship.

  4. DP says:

    He’s one of the most valuable speakers of the convention. It’s true wisdom that he departs on us, I would not have understood anything he says several years ago but hearing it now… I can tell you that he is spot on. 100% Money.

    If people don’t know what presence is… just watch all of his videos on mute. The dude has ridiculous presence. Perfect example of being totally comfortable in your own skin. His voice tone also as alex mentioned communicates volumes about his level of self-esteem & identity. He’s a great representation of real life as opposed to the unnatural nature of the pua community. Hope Anthony continues bringing him back, he should if he’s serious about making this a real man’s convention.

  5. Steve says:

    Any plans on bringing Orlando back to T21C? I don’t know what the vibe in the room was, but for me personally, he’s probably the speaker I clicked most with.

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