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Seduction is a Gift


Jason ‘Gone’ Savage is a returning speaker to The 21 Convention — with his first speech being across the Atlantic in Orlando Florida, July of 2009.

A self proclaimed “romance artist and seduction specialist”, Jason has been coaching for over 10 years, is a teacher of the art of seduction to men, a teacher of the art of surrender to women, and is based out of Austin Texas along with his close friend and fellow coach, Steve Mayeda.

Event architect of The 21 Convention Anthony Johnson has stated the following in a recent interview¹ concerning Jason’s speech in Stockholm Sweden.

The insights of Jason Savage are astounding. Jason did more to advance this community in that one speech (2010 Europe) than the cumulative efforts of Erik, Owen, and Neil.

In this presentation titled “Seduction is a Gift”, Jason discusses his revolutionary concept, The Savage Triangle, distinguishing between the social, sexual, and seductive cornerstones of male/female relationships, and how these are applied purposefully and properly to improve your quality of life, and relationships there of.


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  1. Crash says:

    I have not even start the video and can tell it’s going to be amazing.

  2. [...] the full speech here, and buy the DVD here for $19.99. If there was one Stockholm speech you were going to buy, this is [...]

  3. Ecstasy says:

    Savage just shattered my reality. Absolutely incredible speech.

  4. Alan says:


  5. Lloy says:

    Are the senses (close proximity, eye contact,kino) all relevant in the day time as much are they a little more subtle?

    • I think you answered your own question in the process of asking it. Just as relevant during the day, yet not quite as common as at night, or especially, in a more intimate setting (bed room).

      Just as relevant, not as prevalent (by default).

  6. Ryan says:

    “You need to manifest your destiny” F*cking awesome. Amazing speech, amazing convention and it is free. Anthony, what you are doing is beyond honorable. Words don’t describe it.

  7. Lucius says:

    I,ve been thinking about some ideas that relate to Savage’s triangle, I think the social path is a way of taking a woman mentally, the seductive path as a way of taking her emotionally, and the sexual path is taking her physically. The social path, or pick up, is logical, and goal oriented, a way of impressing based on S&R vale. Seduction is about intensifying the moment and eliciting someones desire by opening yourself, it is emotional stimulation, your taking a woman on a journey. Finally, the sexual, is about direct physical connection and stimulation, taking her body, pretty obvious but has a lot of depth. It just helped me to think about the three points on the triangle this way.

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  9. GREATLOOSER says:

    hi…I’m from, let’s say…Europe. I have 31 (thirty one) years old and I never had a relanshionship with a woman…what do think about that? Who gives a fucking reply to that?

  10. QWERTY says:

    So this guy is a priest.

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