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T21C 2011: Orlando Speaking List [First Edition]


The 2011 speaking lists have been long in the works, and long awaited.

The waiting ends now (Orlando this post, London the previous).

Below I will list the current speaking roster for Orlando, as well as some of the speakers who I have in mind and/or have already sent invitations to (and am awaiting reply, or currently discussing the possibility with).

The 21 Convention 2011 of Orlando Florida


Potential Speakers (Returning)

  1. Jason will either speak in London or Orlando, not both. As the London convention approaches he will decide which.
  2. Robbie is a speaker I got to meet at Vince Kelvin’s Pua Summit in Los Angeles last September. Like James Marshall for the London convention, I think Robbie will be a perfect fit for T21C on the dating coach front. Check out his website here.
  3. I am waiting to release Doug’s speech before inviting him back to 2011. While I cannot explain exactly why, this feels like the right course of action. In any case, he is someone who I would very much like to see back at The 21 Convention. I think this view is shared by many attendees.
  4. I got to visit Bill DeSimone at his personal training studio in New Jersey just a few weeks ago. He is open to speaking again so far as I am aware, it just has to make sense on both ends of the spectrum.
  5. In addition to London, Orlando has confirmed for Orlando. It is very likely he will be there. I just have to make sure we have the room considering the duration of the event, and the number of new speakers I am seeking to attract.
  6. Dodger, Nick, and Christian are people I would like to see back at T21C. Just have to speak with them before sealing the deal, and making sure it works for them and the convention. Nick and Dodger’s 2010 footage release may speed this process up, once their respective videos release.

Potential Speakers [New -- not complete list]

  • Keith Norriss
    • Video: Keith Norriss working out on the most advanced exercise machine in the world.
  • Peter Schiff
    • Video: “Peter Schiff Was Right” [1.8 million views and counting]
  • Robb Wolf
    • Video: Robb Wolf – The Paleo Solution
  • Michael Eades MD
    • Video: Michael Eades on Fox News
  • Tim Ferriss
    • His 2011 invitation has not been sent yet. It will be.
  • Kurt Harris MD
    • The champion medical doctor of nutrition. This guy is a genius.
  • Dimitry Orlov
    • Author: Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects
  • Paul Elam
  • Thomas Mullen
    • Video: Fox News: The Natural Rights of Man
  • Neil Strauss
    • I think Neil would be an excellent speaker, with a lot of diversity in topics to pull from. His 2011 invitation has not been sent yet. It will be when the time is right.
  • Nathaniel Branden
    • Video: Documentary Style Interview
    • Nathaniel is the champion of self esteem and the “psychology of romantic love”. Having him as a speaker would be phenomenal.
  • Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder
    • Authors: The Little Black Book of Violence — What Every Young Man Needs to Know About Fighting
    • I have yet to see any authors more suited to come and speak at T21C about self defense than these two. Recommended by Drew Baye.

Further Invitations?

There are more people on my invite list, but they will not be revealed until a later time. Always feel free to make a request by e-mailing info(at) Being a paid attendee adds much weight to such request.


The full ticket price for Orlando is $700 USD. Currently there is a $350 discount code. The code is Vday. It expires February 28th 11:59 pm EST. The price will go up after that, although not yet to the full price.

There is also going to be a $50 discount code, combinable with any other event discount code, for everyone who buys a 2010 DVD Series set within the first 72 hours of it’s release.

The sets release tomorrow evening. Stay tuned. And be ready to grab your ticket here.

– Anthony Dream Johnson


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  2. George says:

    Please invite Sinn… He is the best PU speaker.

  3. João says:

    Hey Anthony, why not invite Gary Taubes? He is a really smart guy and can probably shed some knowledge on how the whole dieting “facts” got messed up with the actual knowledge we now have.

    • Damn…

      In all seriousness, it had never crossed my mind to invite him as a speaker.

      He certainly fits the bill. Will do.

      • João says:

        Don’t shoot me for suggesting yet another speaker but interestingly I woke up during the night and while thinking about the convention I remembered one name that I think fits extremely well with the convention:

        Joe Navarro.

        If you haven’t heard of him, I recommend you check his book “What Every Body is Saying”. Joe is an expert on the topic of body language and I have used his knowledge to actually win some card games with my friends (they always do the same nervous ticks while lying, something I had never noticed before), and I have only read like 50% of his book :)

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