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Why T21C Footage is and Always Will Be 100% Free


The site has been quiet for a while now. Completely new design, new store, and new pages: yes.

No updates on 2010 footage. Almost no updates on 2011 events. No updates in general.

What gives?

I’ve been traveling, and quite honestly, trying to find my footing in life. You see, I left school last Spring to focus on T21C Europe. That was only the short term reasoning though. In reality, I left with no intention of returning in the near, or even distant future for that matter.

Instead, as my personality tends to drift, I took a dive off the deep end and left school to focus on The 21 Convention in and of itself (no matter the cost) – not one specific manifestation of it that just so happened to be going on at the time of ending my college career.

And here we are. October 2010.

The past few months of events and travel have been filled with probing questions about T21C from friends, family, attendees, speakers, and even strangers alike. But what this has really meant, at least to me, is a call to lead.

A call for action.

A call for guidance.

All calls I have postponed, until now. No apparent reason for choosing now of all times to electrify T21C. It just feels right – for the first time in a long time.

Travel perhaps, has allowed me to afford an adequate amount of breathing room.


In any case, I am going to write a series of posts detailing the core answers to questions that have demanded to be addressed for far too long.

The first of these questions, per the title of this post, is “why is the footage free?”.

This is a question most often asked by fans of the site who happen to meet me outside of the event. As curious as those fans are, many speakers, and even some staff, seem to be left in the dark on this one as well.

This is of my own doing of course, since as far as I know, none of them can read my mind.

The truth is, I do not choose to release T21C footage free to the world for the purpose of charity. This seems to be the most common theme for my reasoning, and indeed, it has no foundation, at all.

I can see how some people would glean this – especially if you only found out about T21C post 2009. But, this has never been the case.

Let any connection to the free nature of T21C content and that of “charity”, be totally and completely dissolved from this point forward.

So then, why is the footage free? If not charity, then what? Do I have a hatred for money? Do I believe the footage to be of no value?

No, of course not. Money, for the time being, “makes the world go round”. Without money, The 21 Convention would cease to exist. There would be no flight for myself and the camera crew to go to Europe, there would be no conference room, no staff, no security, no web site, no video hosting accounts … Everything would cease to exist.

If anything, I love money for it’s current uses, and take no shame in the process. The more of it this convention can accumulate, the more it can grow, and the more positive influence it can have on the world, and on our peers.

I don’t speak for all readers, but this sounds like a damn good thing to me, especially as the economy tanks, tensions rise, and negativity seems ever harder to steer clear of.

As for the value of the footage … I believe it to be more along the lines of “astronomical”, than zero (it’s cost to view online).

Indeed, event footage is of higher quality for it’s respective topics than what some of you have seen for the cost of $400, $500, and even $600 dollars in the form of DVD sets.

And, it’s instantly viewable. How’s that for “free shipping”?

And as for The Community Tapes [Volume 1], as I said earlier today on my blog

This is, bar none, the highest quality documentary series for men ever produced.


I stand behind that statement 100%. In fact, not only is it the highest quality documentary series for men ever produced – it is the only documentary series for men ever produced.

In an age of cultural collapse and peak, gender role confusion, I hope it has served as a beacon of light where there is literally no, or very little other content to look to for help.

Let’s get this straight before continuing.

  • Footage is not released free for the purpose of charity
  • I do not hate money
  • I believe the footage is extremely valuable

In light of this, it should now seem utterly bizarre for me to come to the conclusion that I have (free footage).

What gives?

Thinking ahead, a win/win mentality, and succeeding where others fail – seemingly, the story of my life.

Basically, all footage being 100% free (with no catch and no compromises like so many have suggested or even demanded in some cases), is the win/win/win/win/win/win/win move across the board.

This, should be puzzling to most, but not to all. I think, the few of you who are up to speed on the rapidly changing internet, can see the light on this one.

Without getting in to too much detail on the business side of things, free footage is by leaps and bounds the wisest decision that I have ever made for this convention as it’s founder, despite the occasional head ache is has brought along with it.

In short, instead of this …

(Which is the rapidly decaying and increasingly irrelevant art of “shoving something down someone’s throat”)

The 21 Convention has become the #1 resource in the world for men – both online, and in person at our live events.

With the release of 2010 footage on DVD and the online streaming versions, this will be cemented into the minds of many around the world.

And why is this?

Because instead of focusing my efforts on shoving product down people’s throats, I have instead focused on superb and timeless quality.

The live events are more professional and better run than any similar event found anywhere else in the world, and the videos are just as phenomenal.

Basically, I have spearheaded the creation of something that people can’t stop sharing organically – a direct reflection of the truth shared at the events, and a reflection of the kind of men attracted to the event and website.

This is something “internet marketers” dutifully try to re-create, yet cannot. You can’t fake quality and a vehicle for truth. People have tried, and always failed.

What we are seeing now is a growing distaste for “marketing” that teeters on insulting. People want quality, not the perception of quality.

Hence, the rapidly appearing failure of “traditional” marketing techniques that are less and less effective as each year passes – less “effective” in terms of converting you the reader into buyer because you are sick of digital penis pills that have nothing to offer.

People have wised up, and pretty soon, the only people left buying will be … well, the people actually gullible enough to buy penis enlargement products.

I have no interest in addressing those individuals, but I do have every interest in addressing the individuals who were able to wise up to that crap and have a core desire to improve the quality of their lives.

Which leads to the by product of making the best long-term business decision possible for this convention – by making footage free and organically attracting thousands of viewers from around the world to this site, I have attracted an audience of the best and brightest young men from around the world.

This is truly unique and utterly invaluable. No where else in the world do you see such a unique collection of motivated young men. It makes no difference if you are at an event or simply visiting the site and participating in whatever way you see fit – if you are reading this, you are that guy.

You might be saying to yourself now … so it does come down to charity.

If you are, you are wrong, but perhaps only in semantics if the above resonates with you. Try replacing “charity” with “philanthropy”, and we may see more eye to eye if philanthropy is used in the following context

“private initiatives for public good, focusing on quality of life.”


In this sense, I am interested in helping people, and hearing individual accounts of success in any area of your life as a result of The 21 Convention – be it from the website, the video, the documentary, or the hallmark live event itself.

I am interested in your success as an individual because I believe the individual is the unit of society, and all success stems from you the individual.

This is important because, as 2010 speaker Doug McGuff mentions below in his own words, we live in troubled times …

“…I must say, this group of young people has given me hope for the future. Their motivation to improve their lives in all realms was truly inspiring…  I now feel like their may be some hope that this generation can be instrumental in pulling us from the brink of economic and societal collapse. Thanks to Anthony for putting together such a great event and such an impressive group of young people.
-Doug McGuff MD, T21C 2010 Speaker


In this sense, I believe we as young men, have run out of options. We can now choose to live and lead our lives by example, or, watch our younger siblings, friends, and family grow up in an increasingly fucked up world, at best.

There is no more middle road to be had. It’s up or down, right or wrong, now or never.

And The 21 Convention being broadcast to the world as the ultimate resource for men, is in my opinion, the fountainhead of this change in course, of our generation.

At least, that’s my aim for it.

-Anthony Dream Johnson


For those of you interested in learning more about the “business side” of things, I suggest reading the following.

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The Blog of Markus Frind (CEO of Plenty of Fish)

The Blog of Seth Godin (Favorite books – The Purple Cow, The Dip)

Free! Why $0.00 Is The Future of Business

The Ad Contrarian (Ads in the Age of Hysteria is a good place to start)


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  1. Reinard says:

    Wow Anthony… Thanks alot. Im currently aa buisness major here in Nevada and i wanna say that alot of the postings here u reccommended are truly inspiring. Wow scary i got a huge motivational boost from a free website and im paying for school and its annoying waking up in the morning to go to class. Scary thot.

  2. Dangerous M. says:

    Woa. Ive always wanted to tell you that you were always a true inspiration. The direction, your motivation, and the 21 convention in general is something to be revered. pretty speechless man. you rock! Thanx, and you know you always got our support…

  3. Alan says:

    Wow, I can’t believe there are not hundreds of comments, this article is truly inspiration and motivational unlike no other I have read in a long time.

    When will 2010 footage be available I think is what a lot of people are wondering? Hope soon, so people can become even more involved!

  4. Jones of Pensacola, FL says:

    I believe we as young men, have run out of options. We can now choose to live and lead our lives by example, or, watch our younger siblings, friends, and family grow up in an increasingly fucked up world, at best.
    There is no more middle road to be had. It’s up or down, right or wrong, now or never.
    Great Quote

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