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2010 Orlando: First Reviews


We have half a dozen video reviews recorded at the live event, but in the mean time I thought I’d share some of the written reviews that were sent in via e-mail.

From ‘Falcon’

It has been a few days since The 21 Convention and I am finally caught up on sleep. After getting about 4 hours of sleep per night during the convention for 4 nights in a row and learning a ton of useful information during the waking hours, your brain starts to lose functionality until adequate sleep is restored.

Here is my experience with the convention.

I decided to go into the convention with an open mind. As one of the best PUA’s in my area and an existing dating coach it was at first difficult to put my ego aside and really open up my mind to what the speakers suggested, although after hearing a few speeches I really respected everyone for the journeys they have been on and taking the time to share their experiences and advice with everyone and the amount of useful information I learned exceeded my expectations.

Right Hand Man spoke about the top 10 mistakes to avoid in your 20′s and they made a lot of sense and sounded like a lot of the lessons my parents TRIED to teach me that I never actually absorbed. RHM had incredible advice for everyone and I was really glad we got the opportunity to hear what he had to say.

Orlando Owen had a lot of really good things to say also, particularly on how to be a man and I think a lot of attendees benefited from it. Although I already have core confidence, his advice was the first to teach me to treat the women I sleep with respectfully rather than disrespectfully. Orlando helped me realize that I should be WANTING to see women after I sleep with them because that’s how a real man is supposed to act. I spoke with him 1-on-1 at dinner about the history of some of the famous (or infamous) community figures and he had a lot really good info on how they ACTUALLY are in person. For example he said some of the best PUA’s he knows are Neil Strauss and David DeAngelo and he said that those guys could run circles around some of today’s top PUA’s. He also acknowledged that there were others better than him at the actual picking up part, however I could tell that when it comes to seducing he was an absolute expert. He was very friendly in person and and hanging out with him at dinner was a real privilege.

Mark Sisson had a lot of great information on how to get in great shape, and he was in incredible shape himself so whatever he has been doing MUST be working. I learned that 80% of body composition is how a person eats and that eating vegetables is a great source of antioxidants and carbs while grains are pretty useless, which makes a lot of sense since grains by themselves don’t taste like anything, which proves that they were useless for humans over evolution as our taste was developing. He offered really good information on particular work-outs and explained to us the benefits of taking the supplement omega-3 fish oil. He offered really good personal advice on exercise and I am going to try to include things like natural work-outs and sprints into my exercise routine.

Dj Fuji is one of the speakers I learned the most from. With the combination of my level of success and lack of a good mentor it is difficult for me to absorb new advice, however Dj Fuji’s advice included things that will certainly going to help me reach the NEXT LEVEL of my game. One of the most important things I learned from him was to “err on the side of action instead of inaction” whenever given the choice. I sometimes waste time on message boards and come up with excuses not to be approaching and rather than wasting my time with such activities I ought to be getting out of my apartment more and spending time with more women without justifying excuses not to. Dj Fuji taught me that although currently sleep with women pretty regularly, I COULD be sleeping with MORE women and HIGHER QUALITY women if I increase the amount of women I’m meeting and be more active. He also helped me realize that worrying about my social reputation could be holding me back from my full potential. For example, if regular attendees of a nightclub think I’m creepy for having the confidence to approach women I find attractive more often, then what they think has NOTHING to do with the success I’ll be having.

El Topo spoke after and it was the first time I’ve ever seen or heard from him. He is REALLY funny and also FRIENDLY which are two characteristics some of the other “gurus” seemed to be lacking. He stayed throughout the majority of the convention just meeting the attendees and offering everyone free advice, which was REALLY respectable compared to most of the speakers who attended ONLY for their own speeches and then left. El Topo even offered to stop by my Lair to do a free lair talk which showed me that he’s a really GENUINE guy who really enjoys the company of others and helping. That kind of authenticity is rarely come across in the community. His style of game was also very authentic as it involved a way of showing a woman who you truly are and forming a real connection. Another thing I learned from his speech was actually his kino demonstration. I went out and field tested it at night and the girl I applied it on was SUPER receptive and I could tell it was making her a little nervous but also much more attracted to me and I ended up getting her number and kissing her by the end of the night. Would have gone for the same night lay if I didn’t have to wake up 4 hours later to see other speakers.

Adam Lyons has been one of my idols for the past two years for several reasons; firstly because he was once a nightclub promoter as I am now, so I can relate to him in that manner, and also because he teaches to get involved with social groups and meet women naturally through friends, which is what a lot of “naturals” have been doing for years. He also endorses making friends with women and over the years I have probably learned more about myself from my female friends than any male dating coach. What I learned most from Adam Lyons at The 21 Convention were actually things from meeting him IN PERSON and experiencing his personality first hand. When I met him the first time he was very friendly, greeted me with a smile, and actually knew my name already from previously exchanging facebook messages and comments so that was pretty cool. He introduced me to his wife also and I could tell he has great social skills. One thing I learned when we were walking to dinner together is that Adam is VERY good by himself and never had to depend anyone else to generate success. I could tell that his success has come from a lot of hard work he has done himself such as dozens of cold approaches followed by successes. As a college student and nightclub promoter involved in a very social world I sometimes tone down my game for the sake of reputation or expecting my guy friends to also contribute to my parties, and Adam seemed like all the success he has had over the years was generated BY HIMSELF and he didn’t have to rely on others for support so that motivated me to step up my game and start putting in a lot more effort, which in turn should yield more success.

Doug McGuff and Drew Baye had really awesome nutrition and exercise advice. Doug had a lot of valuable information about what happens to types of foods when you eat them and the biology behind WHY everything Mark Sisson said was correct. Drew had a lot of good information on intensity training and explained to me in person the importance of pushing every set to the MAX rather than just half-assing sets in order to complete the workout. I am really looking forward to “field testing” his exercise advice in the gym.

Erika Awakening had a really interesting speech. She explained how SHE FELT when a guy who “picked her up” a few weeks before did certain things that we are taught in the seduction community, such as eye contact, approaching, and isolating and her description seemed magical. I’ve never really been into showing any woman a “spiritual” experience, however the way Erika described how she felt motivated me to WANT the women I sleep with to have those feelings, and even motivated ME to want to feel those feelings. I’ve always been kind of disconnected with the women I sleep with even though I’m able to charm them into bed, and Erika gave me motivation to go out and take a woman through an amazing experience. She also gave me hope that there ARE attractive and successful women out there who want a MAN to take care of them rather than just boost their self esteem, which I see a lot of in college. She got a standing ovation and it was well-deserved. Erika was another speaker who stayed at the convention for parts other than just her speech and was VERY approachable and friendly in person.

Bill DeSimone had awesome advice on proper workout form to avoid injury and basically gave a lesson on the biomechanics of human joints and muscles, which made PERFECT sense to me, especially as a mechanical engineering student with a background in mechanical systems. He was very friendly in person and answered a lot of my personal questions about specific exercises and I learned how to improve my form of certain work-outs to get the best workout and avoid injury. I actually learned that I’ve been doing two workouts wrong for a while and I’m glad he cleared things up because it could prevent a lot of injury in the future.

Johnny Manwhore explained the difference between “guru style” and “closing style” of game, which made a lot of sense. He was hilarious and gave me a few really good ideas how to continue when women seem resistant. I also really liked his explanation of “Immersion” that nothing else in the background matters matters when you are with the women you are talking to besides your interaction. He also explained to not be shaken by women who “text” you because it is her job to test you sometimes to see if you are man enough to handle tough situations. At the end of his speech he gave some really good advice on how to handle sexual situations also.

Ratisse was kind enough to take questions throughout his entire speech and had great answers for each of them in detail. He actually brought me on stage at one point to demonstrate to the audience how to touch a woman comfortably and seductively. I was fortunate enough to actually hang out with Ratisse the night before and meet women together at a local bar and I was very impressed with his skills and success in the field. Anyone can stand on a stage and teach men a theory on how to effectively meet women, however Ratisse was able to demonstrate it successfully in real life and I have a lot of respect for that. We actually hung out again a week later in downtown Orlando and both ended up meeting women at the bar and eventually bringing them back to our hotels for some after hours activities.

Psych had a really effective style of game and also a really good presentation. He got the crowd involved by asking us to practice openers on each other in order to surface weaknesses which was pretty fun and taught EVERYONE a thing or two about our approaches that we can improve on. He also emphasized the importance of PRACTICE and that while we’re not approaching, other guys ARE and when we meet them they will win, SO it is important to do a lot of approaching and be IN FIELD a lot, and that IN FIELD is not the same thing as just going out and calling that sarge time. He also spoke about how LEADING is what separates the advanced guys from the intermediate guys, so from now on when a set is going really good for me I’ll try to take it to the next level more often rather than sometimes settling for a number or a kiss and calling it a night. A lot of his teachings are based on proven psychology, which I REALLY respect because a lot of MY game and what I teach is also derived from psychological principles of social influence and attraction. He also received and definitely deserved a standing ovation. Later I had the opportunity to meet some of Psych’s students who all attested that he was effective demonstrating his skills in the field and one night they observed him meet, attract, kiss, and make out with an attractive woman within 10 minutes of meeting her just as a simple demonstration which is very impressive and proves that what he teaches definitely works in field.

The convention was an AWESOME experience and I have a world of respect for Dream for organizing everything and handling every unexpected situation that came up. All the attendees I met were incredibly friendly, social, and seemed like they actually didn’t need much help meeting girls. Their personalities were all awesome, especially those from the TOPLair.



Tallahassee Lair Chief

From Tom


I sincerely appreciate the invitation to talk this year at the convention. It was an honor to give a speech and add value to the lives of the attendees while getting much out of the convention for myself.

I really appreciate the work that you put into this convention. It is the only convention that I like because you really do it from your heart and to give back. Other conventions are just money making schemes and scheming people is a big part of this community but something I despise. I can feel your sincerity in all the work you do and I know that you will be successful in all your futue endeavors because of it.

Thank you once again and I hope to be able to speak (hopefully again with Al) next year either in London or Orlando if you have a spot for us.



From Al

Hey Anthony!

Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to thank you for putting the convention together this year and having Tom and myself as guest speakers. We had a great experience and am glad we were able to mobilize a big part of the D.C. area to come to the convention. There were a lot of guys from d.c. who we had not personally met but were in contact with us over the year and came to convention to meet us for the first time even!

One of the highlights of the convention was the $50 dinner – The participants had a very positive experience. The guys who sat with me sought me out and had very specific questions prepared. I was able to address their particular issues and give them candid advice.

This was my 3rd time at the convention and as a huge supporter I will continue to support you whatever ventures you pursue in life. As a leader in the d.c. lair let me know if you’re ever in the area and need a place to stay or are interested in giving a talk.

Thank you,


From Anonymous

My Daytona trip got cancelled (lame), so thanks to Dream, I ended up at The 21 Convention. I am very glad I did. There were lots of good speakers and I’m going to list my favorites and a general gist of what they spoke about.

Adam Lyons- Easily the most polished and interesting speaker. I would highly recommend watching his speeches. He talked about the personality types that girls are attracted to and why that is.

El Topo- Funniest speaker and definitely kept everyone engaged. His speech was very similar to his lair talk. He contrasted community talk with real life natural attraction. He said that you should make a connection with a girl and it should be an experience, not just another one to tally on your list. Also, talked about customizing your routines to yourself and the basics of body language.

Jonny M (Manwhore)- Talked about being bold, taking action with girls, and not being afraid to do or try anything. Excellent speech. It takes a lot of inner confidence to pull off the techniques he mentioned though.

Psych- Told some stories and talked about how much conflicting advice there is in the community. He pointed out that you can really get stuck reading theories and not get anywhere.

Dj Fuji- Talked about stereotypes and how you don’t have to let them own you. He mentioned how important hard work and practicing skills is. A big part of his speech was about taking risks and how girls will like you for just taking those risks even if you fail.

Mark Sisson- Nutrition guy. One of the best speeches of the convention. Not much to explain here, but read his stuff.

Doug McGuff- Talked about evolution, fitness, and Mark Sisson’s diet. He was an MD and got very technical into the biochemistry. I think it went over a lot of guys heads, but I loved it.

These are my favorite speakers of the convention in about this order. I missed thursday so I can’t comment on those speakers. There were other decent speeches, but these struck me as the most powerful and ones I could apply to my life.

Did you attend The 21 Convention 2010? If so show your support and send your written review in to info(at)


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