Tim the Right Hand Man T21C 2009


Tim the “Right Hand Man” has been a long time mentor and friend of Anthony. He formerly instructed one on one social workshops via Extreme Social Skills. He is by far the most experienced speaker at The 21 Convention- and with age comes wisdom (and a perspective few others have). His specialties include online dating, women of “latina” heritage, and modern (controversial) ideas surrounding marriage.



In This Video, Tim Speaks On:

  • How to Date Multiple Women.
  • What’s Wrong with the Western World in Regards to the Role of Women.
  • The Games Women Play, and How to Avoid Them.
  • The Life Cycle of a Relationship.
  • What to Look For in a Companion.
  • Red Flags in a Woman.

Visit Right Hand Man at RightHandManifesto.blogspot.com

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  1. Nektar says:

    Great speech! Good to see RHM back in the community. Also, he has one of the best blogs out there.

  2. RHM says:

    I am back to blogging more insights at the Right Hand Manifesto

    you can find it here



  3. Stealth says:

    Dude. You’re a genius. Your wisdom shines through 100%.

  4. sean says:

    as a 22 y.o kid, i found that this speech was awesomeeee.

    so much fucking value, i will def. be checking out RHM’s site.

  5. MC says:

    Finally got around to watching this. I learned a lot from the things he said. Although I do disagree with some things.

    I don’t think a girl will necessarily end up like her mom. That’s like saying if you have an obese, drug addict father who beat his wife, that’s what you’re going to be when you grow up. I don’t have much of a relationship with my father though, so RHM might be implying if the girl actually has a strong relationship with mom that she might take after her?

    On another note, I don’t think anything’s wrong with calling a girl a princess. In my culture a lot of girls have the last name princess (in another language) and they’re a lot better then American girls when it comes to treating men. Men are also called prince or king in my culture too though.

    Can’t wait for RHM’s 2010 speech. “Top 10 mistakes to avoid in your 20’s” couldn’t come at a better time for me :]