Christian Hudson on Integrity, Meaning, and Growth


Christian Hudson is the founder and CEO of The Social Man – a leader in the world of dating and relationship success.

A perpetual entrepreneur and accidental New Yorker, Christian has started and managed companies in security software, beverages, digital audio hardware, and more.

He currently manages several business; The Social Man provides dating and social coaching for men worldwide, and Turnseven, Inc. provides technology services and consulting to small businesses. He has a B.A. in History from the University of Michigan, and serves as an advisor to Helptwits, LLC.

In this video, Christian speaks on,

  • Being a man of integrity
  • Finding meaning in your life
  • Being someone who is constantly growing
  • Why it is your job as a man to lead


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  1. Jay says:

    I think the first part of this speech relates to “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” in psychology theory.

  2. Andre says:

    if you havent bought christians unbreakable you should, his stuff is Phenomenal.

    • Dream says:

      From what I’ve seen of it, I have to agree – very high quality, fair price. Hshudo may review it soon if I can get on the phone with Christian.

  3. Ben says:

    Is there a way to contact Christian directly? I’m sure if there is he receives a lot of e-mail. I have an ex-girlfriend that I want to be in a relationship with again, and marry as soon as I can. I want to know if I can apply his methods to getting back together with her, and if he has helped guys do with this, if there is a high rate of success? Thanks to anyone who can help put me in contact with Christian.

    • Hey Ben

      I’m sure the content is applicable to your situation, however, I doubt they are going to guarantee that the GFAS will get you back into a relationship with your ex.

      (That’s uh, a little out of their control).

      However, if I were you, I would just buy the product, and if it honestly does not live up to your expectations, they have a 365 day, iron-clad return policy.

      As I understand it, if you aren’t happy with the product within the 1st year, you just ask for a refund, and it shall be done.

      I don’t promote many dating products on this site, because quite honestly, I don’t trust most of the people selling them.

      I promote Christian’s products because they are legit and I have a high degree of trust and respect for him, and his company.

      They won’t do you wrong.


      – Anthony Dream Johnson

  4. Emily says:

    I think that all men who use this are dumb. Women are not objects to “pick up at will” we are not going to fall for men who think that we all think and work the same. I hope everyone who uses this gets turned down like I bet they will.